Scalping is very risky as if proftable too
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Thread: Scalping is very risky as if proftable too

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    Scalping is very risky as if proftable too

    Scalping is one of the most popular forex trading system . By this trading system , many traders are making money from the forex market as if they use huge risk many trader have been lost their account for ever. i was a scalper . but that make me to tensed and i had a lot risky time in the forex market . when a scalper trade in the forex market , he keeps himself very risky and any wrong direction can kill his account for ever . that is really painful to all if this 450$ dollars account become zero within 30 mints. from that time , i through up my scalping and try to trade long time . Now i trade open one day and close it another day by collecting profit .. how is interesting life an i leading today !!!

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    In Forex trading system the traders following the risky trading strategies one of the following strategies is Scalping which is also popular in Forex trading. Any successful trader can easily use the scalping tool to make profit which includes taking high risk at the same time and having good earning at once. I have tried scapling when I have extra profit to invest and earn more .

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    and i also believe in the same too and i think most of the newbies like to trade with the scalping strategy because it is very easy to use and also we do not really need to use any kind of strong strategy to use this technique so it is always good for us.

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    Scalping system is very popular among the new and old traders. with this system a trader get profit with very short time. but this system is also very risky because mostly traders do not us stop loss in this system and due to news impact sometime they get huge loss.

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    The people who love to earn in daily basis scalping is good for them. They can earn money from a trde within short period of time. but Some fact we should remember while you scalping.Don't stuck with one trade for that you need to use stop loss and take will help you from your confusion.

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    It is true about the scalping, you do not trade scalping when you do not knwo how you want to plan your trading very well. If you are making scalping try to scalp towards the trend of the market at that times, this will reduce the stress you can get in the scalping and increase the profits that you could get in the market as well.

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    Scalping is risky but we have the benefit of picking small profit with small targets and we just need to pick the session that is suitable because is not possible to do all day long


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    Hello Dear
    It is true regarding the scalping, you are doing not trade scalping once you don't knowledge you wish to arrange your commercialism alright. If you're creating scalping try and scalp towards the trend of the market at that times, this may scale back the strain you'll get within the scalping and increase the profits that you just might get within the market likewise...Thank you

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    i see, scalping is the fastest way for making profit, but also the losing too as the risk, but we do not worry about the risk, with enough knowledge, we can manage them and make it profitable, but i do believe if the scalper need extra ability to read the situation in a short time, then scalper can make a decision to put the order, close the order or handle some situation,
    and about them who got losing, please do not blame it to scalping methods, because the main problem is them,

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    In Forex trading business anything is possible and we can loose any amount in no time but very difficult to earn without proper knowledge and trading skill we must try this scalping trading only with complete knowledge and experience else it will be a loss making strategy only because in scalping we keep very tight stop loss and take profit which is going to hit with every sudden fluctuation which is very normal to this business.

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