Learning From Mistake is Good
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Thread: Learning From Mistake is Good

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    Learning From Mistake is Good

    Most of the new trader in this market.when they start trading in forex market.They make different mistake and due to these mistake they loose their money in this market.Learning from mistake is very good habit.if we learn from mistake than in future we can make these mistake and we are safe from losses.

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    It is true that we can do lot of mistakes here in Forex trading and for that we need proper education. But Learning from the mistakes a good learning because it will help in our future trading. I think experience from demo practice would be another learning methods too.

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    you are very correct pal,someone needs proper education to avoid many mistakes bt in other hand its good that if someone has done a mistake to accept and learn from it whereas it will help hin/her not to repeat it again.

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    a mistake is not a bad thing, but even this is the best education which we have bought and maybe with big losing, then if we open mind, think with relevant and accept them with gracefully, we will know how to get the solution to solve the problem and then do trading with better in the future with reduce the risk or avoid the same mistake, and at this position, trader has already increased trading quality

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    Forex is a very huge business and profits and loss are part of every business.In Forex trading business a trader makes losses also which is not a bad thing because he/she can learn more from his mistakes.It helps in our future trading.Making mistakes and taking steps not to repeat them is very important for a Forex trader for making profits regularly.

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    forex is a trading business, in trading profit and loss has become part in it, the potential profit and risk of loss in forex trading balanced, we bhisa benefit and prevent losses in the trade by creating a strategy and manajement correctly

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    Yes dear we have to learn from our mistakes, every trader is doing mistake in this market but these mistakes helps us in knowing our mistakes and we can able to solve our mistakes , so learning of mistake is necessary for becoming a good forex trader but many traders did not learn the market and get loss again and again in this business.

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    Am fuly awear of the difficulties of life,so ill try to bounce back
    It's very important as you said that it's important to learn from our mistakes both for a newbie and experienced trader,it can't be over looked.In every decision we take its important we take note of what ever outcome we get because it would improve our future benefits.

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    The right trader is the one who can learn from his mistakes.Mistakes can be a belessing to people and disaster to athers.The one who can learn from his mistakes and never repeat it in the real account again that one will keep gaining and in this time loose will be a belessing.

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    Forex trading is often a quite big organization and also income and also damage are generally section of each and every organization. Throughout Currency trading organization a new trader helps make failures furthermore that is not really a undesirable thing because he/she can know more via his or her problems. It will help in your potential trading. Producing problems and also getting measures never to do it again these individuals is very important to get a Trader for making income on a regular basis.

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