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Thread: Learning From Mistake is Good

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    Every mistake is matter for us here. We should have to control our mistakes and the demo account is very important for us for controlling the mistake in this business. The major mistake which is done by most of the traders are lack of using stop loss in our trades. Stop loss always prevent us from forex trading but many traders did not used it and gets much loss.

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    Speculator is someone who will review the errors. The problems are usually belessing and people to the disaster by Ayelet. Normally, this would be an error and not an actual account creation and reproduction as well as solving some moments of belessing.

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    absolutely right, we must learn from the error in the past, make mistakes as experience of the most valuable in our lives, and with the error is also we can improve the shortage and weaknesses well, because without any errors, the success of very difficult to be achieved

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    forex is a trading business, in trading profit and loss has become part in it, the potential profit and risk of loss in forex trading balanced, we bhisa benefit and prevent losses in the trade by creating a strategy and manajement correctly

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    Yep, that's important for us to make the experience, we have to make a trading record or trading journal, so we will easily in evaluating and correcting every mistake that we did. Learning from mistakes is an appropriate and prudent action. It is the right step for success. But sometimes we do the same mistakes even though we have evaluated our mistakes, this is a psychological or emotional impact of the trade.
    If you lose, be patient. If you win, stay humble

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    We need to avoid mistake at first for our success. If you make mistake that time you will make loss. So try to avoid mistake. But unfortunately if you make mistake that time you need to take lesson from your mistake. You need to note down the point & then you need to make discuss with your senior & make a proper plan. Then I think you will find success from your trade.

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    Forex is a very large trade and profits and loss are part of every business. In Forex trading business a trader makes losses also which isn't a bad thing because he can be informed extra from his errors. It lend a hands in our long term trading.

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    Learning from everything and everywhere is good. If it is from your mistakes then it will be there in your mind for lifetime. You might have seen that we learn may books and we forget its wording soon too. But the things which are learnt from mistakes remains there in our mind for lifetime. SO learning through mistakes is a firm learning which remains there in us and it is used to take decisions.

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    When we will make loss from our mistake that time we nee to take a proper step. if we will take the step that time we will able to protect our account from future loss. But some trader never make work about there mistake. They take it like a game & they make continuous wrong trade. For our success we must avoid mistake or wrong trade.

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    the only way to get better in this business of trading the market is to learn from our mistakes when trading the kinda understanding we are having to do this business determine how much we are able to learn from our mistakes when trading the market and the kinda understanding we are having determine our success

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