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Thread: Learning From Mistake is Good

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    [lang=ar]Most of the losers their money Pedfhm this saree madness and not think of anything but how to make the money a second time and this will not work Mnfa where the recklessness and lack of focus leads to the loss the biggest Vnasihh can not fall into the cause of the loss several times and we have to know that forex gain and loss, and we accept loss[/lang]

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    Trading forex is very easy but to do successful trading is not so easy in forex. Forex is the most risky business in the world we have ever experienced and known. So we need lot of skill, experience, good money management, good trading strategy, and know to control our emotion to become successful trader in forex. it is very hard business and due to this reason many of the traders in the forex loss money because they have no much experienec and knowledge about forex trading.

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    The worst thing about Forex trading is one can make money without understanding anything about Forex market as long as he knows how to do a buy or a sell. That is what leads him towards having false confidence and investing money rather quickly in Forex market. Needless to say, those of us who have been in this trade for some years know what a great mistake to do this. Let’s discuss some serious mistakes that the beginners make at Forex trading.

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    yes we know that no one in the world is perfect everyone learn every thing in time so we have to learn forex and while it if we make loss its not bad but there will be a bad conditions happen if you will repeat that mistake rapidly in the market of the forex so we have to take care about it.....

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    I am agree with your post that we should stay away from this type of mistake. In Forex when are busy to trading we are really forget this mistake and we do it. In Forex if you take any wrong step then your trading business will down fall with in a short time. Most important problem that i want to discuss is about our emotions. It is most important for our trading business because we are getting excited when we trading in Forex and that time we take many wrong step in our trading. So keep relax and free when you trading in Forex.

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    A slip is not a bad thing, but even this is the incomparable breeding which we hold bought and maybe with big losing, then if we exterior intellect, think with germane and tolerate them with gracefully, we will know how to get the bleach to reckon the job and then do trading with gambler in the rising with reduce the seek or desist the very error, and at this business, merchandiser has already exaggerated trading dimension

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    If we work properly then we have learn more and it is important than money forex is a very profitable business and it is a onling trading so a man should more rearn in the forex.

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    It is very important to learn from mistakes and understand your problems and weaknesses and avoid mistakes such as excessive fear and learn from others that you rely on your knowledge, this has lead to a loss of fear of failure and the loss of a big mistake must learn from our mistakes and the mistakes of others so that we can profit

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    No trader is borned 100% perfect, every trader has its own gain point and weak points like some traders are good in money management and whole some traders are good in technical analysis
    . so you need to cope with time to master all these things in a perfect way.

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    No one in all over the world don't make mistakes specially in forex market,If we see the one who gain in forex market we will find it the one who make gaining pips more than loosing pips that is mean every one in forex market loose and make mistakes and all the good traders use the stop loose because they are sure that they may make any mistakes when they are analyzing the market,The one who want be perfect trader is the one who can learn from his or her mistake and try to recover all his or her mistakes and that will help him or her be good trader and make a very big profit,

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