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Thread: Learning From Mistake is Good

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    Ya in Forex trading business we learn more from our bad trades than good trades because when we make profits in a particular trade we do not analyse much and move forward to locate another opportunity but during loss making trades we are forced to think over that and that thing reminds of our mistakes and prevents us from committing the same mistake in future.

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    Yes, I think we do have to learn from our mistakes in this business, most of our analysis increasing when we learn from the losses that we experience in forex trading. If we do not learn from our mistakes, then we like doing something vain, even though that mistake is valuable lesson.

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    Most of the new trader in this market.when they start trading in forex market.They make different mistake and due to these mistake they loose their money in this market.Learning from mistake is very good habit.if we learn from mistake than in future we can make these mistake and we are safe from losses.
    I think the learning form the mistake is good thing in the forex trading and if we learn the forex trading form our mistake and experience then we mange the trading well but keep in mind that never be lose the confident if you have failure in the trading and learn the forex trading from the own experience.

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    Yes dear we must have to learn from our mistake it is much essential for us for our rewarding career. If we did not understand our mistake then we will not able to earn money so we must have to control our mistakes otherwise we cannot earn money here and will never be successful in this business.

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    yeah it is correct that learning from mistakes is good...we take lessons from our mistakes...on our initial days,when a trader is new in the ,market, then he or she will make some mistakes. However, those mistakes should be taken as a lesson for future trading and it will help in avoiding of loss.

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    Ya learning from mistake is really a very good habit and we must analyse our loosing trades more than the winning trades but just to have experience we should not try anything silly over real account, if at all we need to experiment anything we should use demo account for that purpose and never ever trade without plan on real account and must note down our mistakes to prevent that ocuring in future.

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    It is very important for every trader to learn from his mistakes.Every trader is doing mistake in this market but these mistakes helps can help him in learn more about the Forex trading market.And that can help him to solve his mistakes and earn profit.so learning from mistake is necessary for becoming a successful trader.

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    It is a very painful experience to learn from one mistakes but in any way one has to Lear either in advance or learn from one mistakes. Those who think they can earn a lot of money without taking time to learn are just deceiving themselves. If there is any reason influencing massive loss people experience in forex, is can easily be traced to is factor.

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    Learning is the most important part of the business. in the trading is the mistake is great opportunity to get the success. some goes for Forex trading business as well. when a trader is new in the market ,then he or she will make some mistake , those mistake should be taken as a lesson for future trading .

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    When I start Foerx trading instead of learning i directly start trading. I though just buying and selling at any price can help em to make some money. But once I made loss then I realize that demo trading is highly necessary to check own knowledge before we implement it on real trade.
    My previous mistake force me to analyze where was the mistake and I slowly rectify that and now I am happy with my knowledge. I am able to protect my capital as well as earning small profit.

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