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Thread: Learning From Mistake is Good

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    If we learn from the mistakes we have done, it means we will not be making the same mistakes and follows improvement, but ignoring the mistakes we have done and then trading on and on without having a journal to take note, the same mistakes will be repeated over and over again.

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    it is impossible we learn things by no mistake. if we do mistake we learn other thing that how we can avoid this mistake for next time but if you do same mistake again again then its your fool to become this type of person so if you do mistake in your student life you not loss huge money but if you do in again then it is ot good for you.

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    Learning is what we need in everything e do and making mistakes is nothing bad at all. If we loose some money when we trade that doesn't me we should not place another trade again. The trading business is profits and lost is what we are dealing it. If we loose big some of money in the trader that doesn't mean we should be afraid to do it and if we really afraid to trade again how o we learn from our mistakes.

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    Our mistakes are so much important for us because these are cause losses in our trading account. If we are avoid to make mistakes in our trading then we will never lose our money. SO we are need to work hard and make some good trading strategies and learn from our mistakes and never do that mistakes again in our trading and then we will make always good profit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tenak View Post
    Most of the new trader in this market.when they start trading in forex market.They make different mistake and due to these mistake they loose their money in this market.Learning from mistake is very good habit.if we learn from mistake than in future we can make these mistake and we are safe from losses.
    The wise always learn from his own mistakes, the intelligent always learn from the mistakes of others. But to learn from the mistakes of others is very difficult in forex trading, because usually newbies are always arrogant and stubborn to listen the advice from others, especially from senior traders, so expert traders usually get lessons from their own experience, especially from their mistakes.

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    well that is trading mistake becoz they did not do demo account and some time they direct start real account and on that they start making mistake and that mistake washed their account which should washed demo account but they never use demo :(

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    Those who do not learn from their mistakes always face failure again and again.if you lose money for the first time you must change that strategy otherwise you will fall into dig from which return is impossible so learn from mistake and be conscious for what you doing.

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    I believe that every failure to trade on the stock exchange is still an invaluable experience.

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    Wise person always runs from his mistakes. If you make mistake at once in a business then you must learn from it by thinking it as an experience but if you do the same mistake again and again then it's your stupidity because you can't be successful in this way. You have to be more cautious and more strategic to do this business.

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