i am gonna invest huge money what will happen?
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Thread: i am gonna invest huge money what will happen?

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    i am gonna invest huge money what will happen?

    yes in now days i am thinking about to invest huge money although i have some experience in forex trading so am i gonna loss my money or gonna earn huge money through the huge invest is enough to just invest money and you are gonna earn, what is your opinion members kindly know me.

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    yeah it will help you to earn lots of money when you invest lots of money while trading in Forex trading market....but if you really want to earn money than you have to understand Forex trading market and you have to get knowledge and idea about Forex trading market so that you can earn huge money..

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    In forex trading market if you invest huge money,it will help you to earn lots of money but you will have to be patient as it is a very risky business.understanding forex and gaining experience is important inorder to earn huge profits and to be successful...experience can be gained by practicing in demo accounts...

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    If you invest huge money then you can earn a huge amount of profit from Forex trading business.But as we all know Forex is a very risky business so its not easy we might get loss with huge investment.But i think there is need to plan a good strategy and with proper knowledge and experience you can earn huge amount of profit.

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    Once you invest huge money chances of winning is more than the accounts having less fund, but always go with the funds which you can afford to loose because it is a very risky business and anything can happen at any time so trade with basics and follow money management in every trades then only you can make a good earning else any fund size will be insufficient to survive.

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    if you have enough knowledge and ability and know how to manage the business with properly, and it is good for you to start it with good capital, so you can make good profit and do not need to compound and collect some pips to get enough lots size setting for trading, but if you came with big ambition and emotion, lack of knowledge and ability, then big capital is nothing and even just waste the money and time too

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    We dont invest huge money until we have much experience and skill in forex market. In start, we have to invest low amount as possible. The low investment will gives us less loss and a trader able to understand the market more easily as compared with big capital. Big capital is only for those traders who have much knowledge and knows how to maximize the profits and minimize the losses.

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    Forex trading is the best online business on all over the world . it is the most fine job or business in the world . it is a best opportunity to get the more money in the Forex trading business . big capital is only for these trader who have knowledge and how to minimize the profit and profit and minimize the losses.

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    as a new in Forex trading my experience in this area is very little and my suggestion will never the best one so that you can take decision.Moreover it's a opportunity and also it's a thread that we can earn huge.

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    Am fuly awear of the difficulties of life,so ill try to bounce back
    Your earning power is mainly dependent on your level of experience and expertise, some trades would make good use of a huge investment due to the fact that they know how while some trader lacks the experience, and be rest assured that such a trader would only lose more money trading forex.
    I would advice that you start with little money and then when you see that your growing your capital at a stabled rate you can then invest more funds.

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