In this market a trader get success when we spend our maximum time in this market it is the best way to work , but due to some problem and dual jobs nature few trader work as part time trader with a dream to earn handsome profit from this market .

Tips for trader to work as part time trader;

Few trade hold for long time
Trader must plan minimum trade but our trade are authentic and we follow the complete trade strategy as we develop see full profit and loss.

Every trader with stoploss and take profit
We have to use in all trade stoploss and take profit and sometime our trade is open through pending order (limit and stop)because in the absense and due to the nature of our working may be our opportunity missed but if we used soploss and take profit so in the absence we have fixed stoploss no more losses .

Get touched to market
we must have to keep in touch with market through phone or tablet for update price movement and to check the status of our trade .

Technical trade
Trader get used more technical level then the fundamental , in technical we used trendline ,support and resistance level , price action and candlestick formation for develop long term trade plan .

Money management
Trader must have to apply a good management system before open trade and after attain profit properly allocate all funds in different head and increase our risk through profit .

My word: i share this thread to support part time trader but i believe that a trader is well performed only if we have maximum time in market for learning about different trade ideas and we take decision on real time market movement and with the effect of fundamental .