How to become a professional trader?

1-Studying, learning and understanding the technical analysis well because without technical analysis can not determine the direction of the market and points of entry and exit of trades and without technical analysis the trader becomes lost.

2. Also rely on basic analysis.

3-The distance during trading of anything that disturbs and concerns you just focus on trading.

4-You must deal with Forex it is a stand-alone project and you must invest your time, effort and thought on this project.

After you've done these things, you have to take other things. 1-With your technical analysis choose the indicator you are comfortable with and achieve the results you want of course after using it on the demo account and we recommend using the MACD Index and the RSI because they are working on detecting the positive and negative areas of the deeversex so that they do not enter into a bargain Lost.

2-You must have a goal of trading in Forex and I would advise that this goal be daily but preferably a monthly target because it may come days to do not crave it will affect negatively on your psychology.

3-You must always remember and never manage capital because it is one of the most important elements of success in Forex... Enter the deal and don't say a few points, but say I will lose such points... Select the Stop Loss command first and then select a second order and the selection is 2:1.

4-Do not enter more than one deal at the same time because if the market moves negatively from your expectations you will lose a lot.

5-Do not walk behind the traders and companies that say you will multiply your names in a short time but be satisfied and do not covet because the forex market is like any market with profit and loss.

6-If you set your goal and win the day what you want not to covet and enter new deals if you lose, you should not trade on this day and take a rest and do not enter the market and you are angry or motivated by compensation and revenge because these feelings will lose you a lot of money you must control your feelings as much as possible.