How many times have you made your account zero ?
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Thread: How many times have you made your account zero ?

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    How many times have you made your account zero ?

    Forex is very risky market as we know very clearly . But there are many peoples who don't follow money management rules , lots making or setting rules , don't follow the trend and make huge loss . i have made one more times my account zero and i have gained huge experience about making zero account and i know how much difficult time was that . But some of the trader are doing this mistake till now . So be aware and don't play game ..

    Have you made your account zero and how many times ???

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    hundreds ? maybe, because at the first years, i just blew up my account every weeks and then made deposit again and again, at this time, i just got so many losing, big losing and even almost made me down and get frustration, but then at the second years, i got the way for trading and better than my first years, and this was the light for me to stay at this business and now, this is a process which i need to accept and pass

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    I guess it does not count for me
    how much I open even until now only one active account
    in fact it's very boring
    why is that?
    because we open the account without any edges where there is hope that with it we can get profit

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    It is a usual talk on this for traders that does not know much about the market. I had been a victim of this for more than 20times, but when i remember this, i flash back to the bad trading times that is part of experience. My trading skills is now changed and balance as well.

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    Do not worry mate .., because you are not alone ... I also have many time in doing that.
    I think all traders have experienced the same thing with us. But if I think more, I was the worst trader in the world, because I completely forgot how many times I made ​​my account to zero, because are too often I do that. Maybe 50 times or 100 times.

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    Many times i have lost money and account has destroy.. but now i can earn some money because after spend long time into market i have knowledge and experience. and now i am sure i can earn very good amount and i will fulfill my all dreams by forex trading income...

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    i often make my account become zero because i often fail and experiencing margin call on my trade and i can not calculate how many times i make my account become zero because i get fail and margin call on my trade during 5 years,so i already loss my money in a long time and i often frustration because my loss.

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    Ya you are very correct I was a victim of this bad habit twice and then I realized that nothing can be taken for guaranteed in this business I was very much assured for my trading strategy because I got a very nice results on demo without any losses and it made me to think that I can play with any lot size and that over confidence of mine took my account to zero.

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    We all know that all traders loose their first account, and that is the fact that is easy to confess, but what many traders can not confes is that first account is not only that we blow. I personaly beleive that in first 3 years of trading , trader can not earn any money, and if he is on positive zero after 3 years , that is the good result. This is my experience, i start to earn money after 3 years.

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    I love forex trading
    Well I am doing trading since more than one year now and when I was a new trader in the market then I lost around to $2000 because of the less knowledge and the practice but for now I am earning good amount of money per month in average from forex and very happy with my current trading performance

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