Avoided to doing the repeated mistake again and again?
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Thread: Avoided to doing the repeated mistake again and again?

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    Avoided to doing the repeated mistake again and again?

    I think the mistake in the trading is normally and we being a trader we learn form our mistake in the trading but if the mistake is repetitive it is very dangerous thing in the trading and cost you the big loss in the trading so avoid to doing the same mistake again and again.

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    You are saying right friend we should always focus on our mistakes many traders do mistakes again and again but they never learnt a lesson from their mistakes and that's one of the bad thing for them every trader should focus on learning and if we loose sometime here then should not our mistakes it will help us to reduce our mistakes in near future trading and we can earn well money too in the market

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    We must analyze our loosing trades more than the winning trades to find out the mistakes, though the Forex trading business is uncertain and we can not have 100% profit all the time but there are a lot of reasons which we can avoid to minimize our losses, so we must find our mistakes and refrain from repeating in future to have profitable trading.

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    I often make mistakes repeatedly in trading, does it make my experience a lot of losses, but I also often difficult to control when trading forex. Maybe it's an effect with our current forex trading psychology, the more we have a lot of experience then we would have a better trading psychology.

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    I totally agree with you is a trader need to avoid the same mistakes again and again in forex trading market.We should always focus on our mistakes in order to make trading simple and profitable.We should analyse our loosing trades more than our winning trades.A trader should always learn from his previous mistakes i order to do trading on a consistent basis.

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    I am agree with you, we have to avoid mistakes which we have do in the past. Many traders did not avoid their mistakes and instead of earning money these traders are facing a lot of loss or even blows their trading account very quickly. We must have great amount of patience and should have more knowledge of it, it will very helpful in our forex trading career.

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    Mistakes are the part of trading,but the important thing is to learn from those mistakes,if a trader repeats the mistake again and again then it is dangerous for the trader,as it may cause to big loss.So we should always try to learn from our mistakes and to earn big profits or to be a successful trader it is important to learn from mistakes.

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    Yes! it is true every trader avoided to doing the repeated mistake again and again.As Forex trading is a complex business and it is possible that every trader will do some mistake.But it is important that trader should learn from their mistake.But it very necessary that you should avoid to doing the mistake repeated again and again.

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    Mistakes are common in this trade as we cannot able to become 100% sure about further market movement, we can continue trade with the prediction only. But we can try to avoid same mistakes again and again keeping note of our trading history.

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    The common mistake is followed by every trade and that is over trading.
    whether you are in profit or loss traders want to either double their money or recover all losses in that trade.
    Even I have blown up my account 3 times but now days after such amount loss I have stopped over trading and I hope this is a good lesson for me and in future I will be able to earn handsome profit and will recover all my losses slowly slowly.

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