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Thread: Contest from moderators "The best letter to Santa Forex"

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    Contest from moderators "The best letter to Santa Forex"

    Dear users!

    In honour of upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays, the administration of the forum announces a new creative contest: "The best letter to Santa Forex", all registered users are invited to participate!

    In order to participate, you need to write in this thread a post with a letter to Santa Forex in which you will share your successes and failures in trading for 2018. Were you a good trader, how Stop loss hits and Take profit escape. Say anything which you always think about Forex. Please tell to Forex Santa Claus which contests you would like to see on the Roboforex forum in 2019(we'll know). Kindly do not forget to attach a postcard(picture) with Forex Santa.
    The winner will be determined by the board of moderators.
    Humour and resourcefulness are welcome!

    Five authors of the best letters will receive $ 25 each (2,500 promo cents).

    The competition will run from December 10th to December 25th, 2018.
    Results will be announced on December 27th.

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    Dear Forex Santa,
    I am very happy to see this year and to enjoy another Christmas with you again as you are going to visit, I am using this opportunity to to appreciate you for your previous visitation and gift.
    I want to share my past experience in the Forex trading with you,it had been an ups and downs in the business and this was diagnosed to be as a result of the low knowledge, failure to abide by the rules of trading, such as money management, the use of stop loss, avoidance of greedy habit, patience in trading, having good entry and exit point, and so on, all these are eventually observed which made me to be able to get freed from the problems, more so i want to appreciate the RoboForum for the bonuses that helps in trading at ease.
    Knowledge and experience is the major thing for traders in the Forex market to trade successful in this business, and traders must be investing much so as to trade in the long term for good profits realization, I an hoping to have much investment and good capital in this coming year.Dear Santa, I hope to have gift to supplement my capital in the coming year.
    I want to make request from our Broker to please make a lot of contest that would help the new comers to participate and improve in trading in this coming year, they have done a lot we are expecting more God helping.
    I want you to say me well to your wife Mrs Santa. till we meet merry Christmas and Happy new year in advance.
    Yours sincerely



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    Dear Forex Santa,

    For the whole year I've been waiting for Santa to arrive and now today it is 25th of December the day of Christmas which is being celebrated worldwide. I am happy and thrilled to write a letter to Forex Santa.

    Dear Santa Forex,

    The year of 2018 has not been nice to me in the terms of Forex trading performance as well as profits. I was not able to make money in the year 2018 because of my own mistakes. I opened some trades which could have given me good amount of profits but then I close them in the fear of losing my trading capital.

    Dear Santa I know that I am having some shortcomings in the terms of my trading performance and I can say that I will make the best of my efforts to overcome them. It is only upon the Forex trader himself to know what is his shortcomings and what mistakes he is doing so that he does not repeat them again and again.

    Dear Santa I can say that in the year of 2019 I am looking forward to my success and profit from the Forex trading business. Today is the day when people make wishes and their wishes come true. so I would like to make a wish to the Santa Claus that in the year of 2019 I am able to get success in the business of Forex trading.

    Dear Santa I want to thank you so much for being supportive to me and hearing what I have to say to you. I know that you will guide me in my journey in the Forex trading business.

    Also Forex Santa I can see that in the Year of 2019 I would be a regular contributor to the for Robo Forex forum and I will be able to interact with the other members of the forum to take an advantage of their skills and knowledge.

    My Trading performance in the Year 2018

    Dear Forex Santa, I know that you are very busy person and you have lots of gifts to give today. I have a very cute daughter of 3 years and I want you to give gift to my daughter also. I wanted to go to meet my daughter but I was unable to do so because of the shortage of funds. I am attaching a picture of my daughter also so that you can find her and give her Christmas gifts.

    Dear Forex Santa I would like to see some new contest coming up in the year 2019 in the Roboforex forum

    1. Monthly Best Contributor Contest
    2. Monthly Active Member Contest

    Dear Santa Forex, in the end I would like to say very much thank you to you and also I am grateful that you are here to listen to my wishes and demand and fulfill them.

    Best Regards

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    Dear users!
    The results of the contest "The best letter to Santa Forex"

    Contest winners*:

    Each of you became 25$ richer!

    The board of moderators decided to give a prize of 15$ also to Doge for his creative and unique idea.

    Thanks all from Santa Forex for participation and your letters!

    *Prizes will be credited in the form of forum credits.

    Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all who participated in this contest!

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    Thank you very much for the extraordinary prize! I feel special now.

    Here is a Christmas song from the Dawn of Democracy:


    Вчера в детската градина ток удари двама-трима,
    две дечица веселушки светят като крушки.

    Дзън дзън дзън дзън дзън дзън дзън дзън,
    светят като крушки.

    От балкона наша Петя полетя като комета,
    щом не вярваш - погледни я, стана на пихтия.

    Дзън дзън дзън дзън дзън дзън дзън дзън,
    стана на пихтия.

    Вчера рано от зарана аз ковач реших да стана
    мама, татко на балкона ковнах с два пирона.

    Дзън дзън дзън дзън дзън дзън дзън дзън,
    ковнах с два пирона.

    Гошето пък за беда с вилица се заигра
    и за смайване на всички - ей го без очички.

    Дзън дзън дзън дзън дзън дзън дзън дзън,
    ей го без очички.

    В детски лагер край гората слънце грее над реката
    вчера се удави Данчо, днеска - Крум и Панчо.

    Дзън дзън дзън дзън дзън дзън дзън дзън,
    днеска Крум и Панчо.

    Дядо Мраз дари резачка на Иванчо за играчка
    ха сега деца кажете - къде са му ръцете?

    Дзън дзън дзън дзън дзън дзън дзън дзън,
    къде са му ръцете?

    А учителката млада им подготви изненада:
    в супата им топла, вкусна габърчета пусна.

    Дзън дзън дзън дзън дзън дзън дзън дзън,
    габърчета пусна.

    Малко бебе в количка майка му го гъделичка
    бръкна му със пръст в окото, пукна то горкото.

    Дзън дзън дзън дзън дзън дзън дзън дзън,
    пукна то горкото.

    С ятаган добре наточен аз съм бърз и много точен.
    Вчера вуйчо ми намина и не си замина.

    Дзън дзън дзън дзън дзън дзън дзън дзън,
    и не си замина.


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    Wow. Much Forex. So Monies. Very Opportunity.Many Trade. So Amazed. Wow.

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