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Thread: Contest from moderators "The best letter to Santa Forex"

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    Contest from moderators "The best letter to Santa Forex"

    Dear users!

    In honour of upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays, the administration of the forum announces a new creative contest: "The best letter to Santa Forex", all registered users are invited to participate!

    In order to participate, you need to write in this thread a post with a letter to Santa Forex in which you will share your successes and failures in trading for 2018. Were you a good trader, how Stop loss hits and Take profit escape. Say anything which you always think about Forex. Please tell to Forex Santa Claus which contests you would like to see on the Roboforex forum in 2019(we'll know). Kindly do not forget to attach a postcard(picture) with Forex Santa.
    The winner will be determined by the board of moderators.
    Humour and resourcefulness are welcome!

    Five authors of the best letters will receive $ 25 each (2,500 promo cents).

    The competition will run from December 10th to December 25th, 2018.
    Results will be announced on December 27th.

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    Honestly, as a Muslim I am not believe on any new year celebration. That's why I have no info about it and I don't want to write anything about this contest. Good luck everyone. But, I want to say thanks to roboforex team who giving us a lot of opportunities to trade in live market without investing a single penny. I I think in Forum you have no need to start new contests. But, if you really want to make this forum more attractive than start referral program and also increase the post rate. Because, other forums are provide more than $1 per post but, you are not provided more than 30 cent on one post. I hope that administrator will introduce new status to earn more bonuses and make big profits.

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    Dear Santa Forex,

    Hope you are doing great and having a good time already because you deserve one.

    Santa, 2018 was a real good definition of a roller coaster year for me, however, I am glad I did learned a lot about forex trading, life and discipline, it really helped me, although, those lessons, I learned them the hard way, through so many losses, both in forex and in life as well.

    My 2018 plans didn't go as planned, but then, I comprehend that plans are meant to take time before they work out. I could remember setting a goal of making my first $100,000 in 2018. But, I didn't make up to that. Although I had my biggest winning in forex this year, which I am grateful for.

    Santa Forex, I have good plans for 2019 already, because I have improved with my strategy so good and I intend to invest at least $100 into my copyfx account every month coming 2019. I am already doing good with my copyfx account of 31 days old, I am sure I will make my first $100,000 in 2019 with Roboforex.

    Santa!!, Please I will love to see a new contest in the forum, such as MARKET ANALYSIS contest, where as, each user will create Thread of his or her own, and then make analysis of pairs of choice, with Stoploss and Take profits, and at the end of the week, the user with the most accurate winning analysis, should win a prize. I believe this will be good for the forum and it's members, whereas other visitor will also come to take advantage of the winning analysis. This way, users will be serious to trade and also improve their skills.

    Santa, I would love the Forum board, Moderator and Admin, to have a daily post limits, so as to reduce the rate at which members are been punished with "Low cost" for Bonus Haunting, which I also suffered so many times for. Because if there is a for instance, 20 message per day, I believe each users will be disciplined enough not to pass that mark for the day.

    Santa, please, bring more traders to Roboforex and make the company, the best and most used broker in the whole world.

    In recap, Dear Santa, I wish you a Merry Christmas and happy new year also, help me deliver some gifts to GAMER, GULFSTREAM and ADMIN, they made the forum a better place for us in 2018, I believe they will do better in 2019.

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    I need to wish you a joyful christmas

    My life is my message

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    Dear Forex santa,
    How is every thing , thanks for the previous years of gift,i really appreciated you for that,
    I have privilege to see another year of meeting up with you and to have a lot of gift for the Christmas period, you have done a lot in the past time to bless me and some others with numerous gift, which I believe to come to reality as we are meeting by Christmas eve on 24th December 2018.
    I am highly concern this moment about all my predicament in trading in this year that is running out, things are not all that rosy in the market ,i had a tough time as the early part of the year was full of loss not until i sat down to think and re planned my journey, and it was at that time I was able to realize that I have mixed some virtues and rules that I need to be following as a trader. then it makes the turning point for making success in trading. hardly did I knew that I need to follow rules like money management, using of stop loss, patience , greediness avoidance, trading along the trend of the market, risk management, good entry point, planning and trading ones plan, and more so I didn't know that learning is the first thing before earning, these and more are some of my previous errors that I manage to put away before the break through emerge at the late part of the year, I was so sorrowful for the previous loss and time wasted, but in all he who laugh last laugh best, thanks to the good broker like Roboforex that assist with bonuses which bail me out of all the mess, dear Santa, my burden was lifted by my broker, thank to them for the good service and kindness.
    In the light of the good service and love from my broker I would still want then to show more by giving us new traders contest next year which will not involve the great experts. this would help the newbie to develop themselves and gear up in trading.
    Dear Santa, I wish we meet at the eve , and before ten, Merry Christmas and happy new year in advance.
    Yours sincerely



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    My year has been filled with ups and downs, but who has not experienced that, I want to sincerely thank roboforex for the opportunity to be here, as for the contest I want to see, a weekly contest where we guess the trend for selected pairs, whoever guesses the trend correctly is declared winner, where there are two or three or more, everyone shares the price for that week.

    I look forward to a successful trading year in 2019 as God keeps us. Cheers.


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    Dear Santa,
    ups and down comes in life and especially in business ups and downs are normal, i believe a person can get success if he learn from failures, so after failing some time a loser can quit but if person learn from failure and make more passion one day he will get success.
    i lost many accounts in this year like:
    Account number:2939947
    i deposited and lost all capital in some days. on bonus account i lost many time all without withdrawing anything but still i was not hopeless because i know if we have passion of trading we can learn it we can get success.
    My Main Target was: actually i always know with small capital we cannot earn so i tried to invest some good capital now so in trading i deposited 1000$ and now doing good on it.
    The best moment of this year is of my this account when i see it with good % of profit and with 2 investors
    actually when we show results we can get investors and its best way to increase income as well. so i am doing my best now i have changed many things in my trading and its the reason i am earning now, before that i was not accepting loss but now i accept some time instead of all losing in single order
    i am satisfy in 60 days i earned this % of profit and i am sure this is one best profit. not taking big risk also like all risk in one order like i have done before. hope in 2019 i will improve my self more for more profit.
    i always think that forex can change our life style but it required time, people think they can earn huge in short period but it means short time rather then other business not in some days, so its good if we use proper time to get experience then we can earn here. so now doing my best for success.

    ROBOFOREX is always doing best for us i am thankful to roboforex for this promotion of forum because this is best one for all to taste real trade without investing own and giving us platform for sharing and getting knowledge.
    ---this is international forum so i wish here we also get more status like russion version of roboforex, where we can increase more status.
    ---before some days i saw updated site of forum but in some hours it come back, on site there were some more information like: like revived and given like so i hope this type of promotion also will come where we will get some extra funds by getting likes from others because of right and informative content.
    ---i wish robo introduce some real accounts trading contest also in forum members or we people who are doing copyfx can make contest between just copyfx traders to earn some extra funds.
    in end i hope all are doing good and wishes best for all members. thank you

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    Dear Santa, hope your Christmas going well and you enjoying a lot ,
    My year is great from learning point of view because before 2018 i never be a trader i have knowledge about trade but there is no application ideas , as this year start i start trying to work as a real trader and i have spend very good time with forum activity specially i congratulation to ROBOFORUM for provide us Tremendous opportunity for share knowledge get knowledge get money and increase experience i really appreciate all the trader here who are wining lot of money not i wish to open my own journal and next year i will meet you as a trader with biggest profit ,There are lot of thing still my plan to explore about this forum and about forex market this is now my craze to be a trader here , i face many obstacle to reach here so many time my status is downgraded but still i am hopeful that i find the way to be a permanent trader here share my trading ideas with all the new comer .
    melan santa.jpg

    My suggestion for contest
    a) A special contest for register user only like demo account , trading strategy
    reason:every trader winner are mostly trader and rookie because they have more knowledge so all register user missed to earning chances .
    b)Week of prediction about prices
    Detail: Every trader give atleast 15 to 20 suggestion or trade ideas winner who have more accurate prediction
    c)Contest by profit on real account not by profitability percentage with fixed investment
    d)Fundamental number prediction NFP number, GDP or any other important fundamental

    A warm marry Christmas to all forum member

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    Dear Santa , first of all i wish you very happy and joyful Christmas ,
    Every traders career has started with downs and with the help of time to spend on the market and learned well we can be informed much about our working area so mainly time can change our fears and we can also gain a lot of experience with spending a long time on our working areas so ups and downs are the part of every business and there is not any straight pathway to earn desirable profits and its reality without efforts and struggles we cant stable and fit within any business and when we making the dreams of bringing a profitable trade consistently then we must be higher and double the efforts and struggles on it and this is good for each trader to win numberless profits rates from this market with got the experience and nominate our mistakes and change them with getting learning and knowledge about them.

    Important Suggestions for Contest :
    1: High Impact NEWS forecast , there is no working on this new idea so this is simple and special one and admin must concern about it .

    Happy Christmas and Truly happy New Year To You !11111.jpg22222.jpg

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    Very Excited 25 December is coming very shortly there are soo many happiness comes for me also so may this new year bring soo many happiness in our whole year and whole of the life Hello Santa , Hope your Christmas is going well and you enjoying a lot !
    There are soo many things which i want to share with you , My start career is full of stress and fear about how to win in this market but this is not longly effect on me because as much we do interest in this business then we get lot chances to open the doors of success on self , so our success is a limitless process that have no stop to resist but it required a good time to spend on this market for learning well and our attention on each best factor in which we can take good results from it so we should not dishearten due to loss but we we must start learning from our consistent mistakes for save self form any harshness in the market , so i personally though its a traders choice to win or lose in this market .
    I am a beginner here and i am in a process of learning and I hope i will get more experience then i will able to bring soo much profits in my trading career.
    Happy New Year 2019!

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    Dear Forex Santa Claus

    I was a good short-skirted girl during this year and I do expect my 2500-cents gift to arrive.

    I got a perfect understanding of reliable market entry points and consistent money management that allowed me to achieve a very high rate of profitable to unprofitable orders this year. I was not a quick trader, 17 days per open order on the average, but I was a reliable and patient trader who never panics, who knows the situation and predicts the future, who has never been in the vicinity of the margin call. Money management helped me to trade without getting nervous, even if the market is very volatile, like it is during the last week. Sometimes, I was so quiet that I under-traded substantially and got less money that I would have optimally got. I have never been super-profitable, however, I know how to consistently grab 3-7% per month without risking to lose my money.

    I also face a long standing problem, my dear Forex Santa. When my order gets profitable and the profit is reasonable, e.g. 50 points, I strive to close it, irrespective of the market conditions. If I kept it open, I would have earned 200-300 points, because there are such situations in the market when the price just moves in your favor, you need to continue waiting and nothing else is required. Yes, I lack patience sometimes and this is hard to do anything about this. Patience is the main virtue is position trading that I am exercising. In 2019, I will try to combat this problem, but I will need a help from the Heaven definitely...

    It would be cool to have a contest that stimulates traders to perform responsible trading activities, with an adequate interplay of risk and reward. Such a trading contest would last for a few months and the winners would have to exemplify both profit at the end and consistence of trading in the course.

    Cheers, Nadyushka


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