Contest from moderators "The best letter to Santa Forex"
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Thread: Contest from moderators "The best letter to Santa Forex"

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    Contest from moderators "The best letter to Santa Forex"

    Dear users!

    In honour of upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays, the administration of the forum announces a new creative contest: "The best letter to Santa Forex", all registered users are invited to participate!

    In order to participate, you need to write in this thread a post with a letter to Santa Forex in which you will share your successes and failures in trading for 2018. Were you a good trader, how Stop loss hits and Take profit escape. Say anything which you always think about Forex. Please tell to Forex Santa Claus which contests you would like to see on the Roboforex forum in 2019(we'll know). Kindly do not forget to attach a postcard(picture) with Forex Santa.
    The winner will be determined by the board of moderators.
    Humour and resourcefulness are welcome!

    Five authors of the best letters will receive $ 25 each (2,500 promo cents).

    The competition will run from December 10th to December 25th, 2018.
    Results will be announced on December 27th.

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    Dear Forex Santa,

    It's been that part of the year that is coming to the very end and the glows of Christmas expressions is here once again. I Sixteen is fortunate enough to write to you this time to tell you what's been happening to me in my journey into the financial market. The times I was happy and the times I was sad all taught me so much more about life in general.

    To be honest at the beginning of this year, I was a trader full of expectations and set some goals I was hoping to achieve but the very ups and down in life could make your goals look inachievable. However I still have no regret because the experiences I learnt from my trade has always been a motivating factor for me.

    I wouldn't say I had the biggest trade of the year because profits have always been on average while I struggled enough to see I minimize loss. I tested different forex systems, focused on a single pair, opened my trading journal and as well learn so much from my trading experiences. Sometimes I would wish for the holy grail system but deep down I know this is not possible in forex but am just been human, trying to ensure my dreams in life comes big.

    My dear forex Santa, as this 2018 is coming to an end in few days time, I would wish to make more bonuses from Roboforex forum in 2019 to enhance my capital and enable me trade for a bigger profits. Therefore I have some contest suggestions for you to approve for the next year to make Roboforex forum a fun filled one with more exciting contest and great opportunity to make more bonuses.

    1st suggested contest : Predicting The Monthly ISM manufacturing PMI

    You could see in the image above from January 2017 to Nov2018 the actual release of the ISM manufacturing pmi. This stats is released on the first business day of the month at 10:00 a.m. (EST). While the Non-Manufacturing ISM Report is released on the third business day of the month at 10:00 a.m. (EST). Since we must beat the payment date of the month I suggest we focus on the ISM manufacturing PMI.
    Members can predict the ISM manufacturing pmi before the release date. 3-5 members who predicted correctly or closely the actual ISM manufacturing pmi for the month may win in order of prize money based on the most closest prediction.

    2nd suggested contest : Guess weekly forex trend.
    It will be a good one to have a weekly contest on permanent basics. This contest could hold weekly where some major pair threads would be created and members are given opportunity to determine or predict what will happen for the week with any of this four options.
    Example Gbp/usd (week1)
    i. Will the price touch the level of 1.xxxx for bullish
    ii. Will the price touch the level of 1.xxxx for bearish.
    iii. Price won't touch any levels
    iv. It will touch both levels.
    Members will be expected to choose one answer for the week with a price set level. Members who predicted correctly could share prize money. If no winners it get shifted for the next week.

    These are my suggestions for the next year contest and I hope that you could look towards them and make this forum a better place to improve us in predicting our very trade.
    Thank you forex Santa for taking time reading my letter and I do hope you bring me lots of christmas gifts.

    Your's faithfully,

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    Dear Santa,
    How are you doing today? Hope all is well with you! I want to wish you a merry Christmas! My aim of writing you this time of the years is just to let you know that I am really in need of one thing when it comes to forex trading business. As a newbie I have been able to gain a lot of knowledge and good trading skills and you know that it is one of the things needed in order to become a successful forex trader. But I need some trading account so as to start trading comfortably over time. I believe with all my heart that if given any amount of money to start trading then I would have a whole lot of good trading opportunities to start making consistent money off the forex market.

    Whenever you sees a good forex trader then you have seen someone who is capable of making a good amount of money over time, but he/she would have to also have a good amount of money in his/her trading capital in order to start displaying his/her trading skills and to start gaining a lot of profits over time. So if you can make use of good money management and develop good trading discipline to always stick to your effective trading system then you have a long way to go and making money without much emotional stress is possible. So my wish are these, develop a good trading skills, master an effective trading system, gain enough discipline to always follow it and above all have some money to start trading with.

    Santa, of all the wishes above I have been able to gain all of them except the last one which is having a good amount of money to start trading with, and you have always granted the wishes of people at all times, and that is why I am writing you at this time, because I know that this my little or last wish shall be granted by you if you ever gets this my letter. So I am waiting on your responds which I believe shall be very positive!

    Yours sincerely,

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    Dear Santa I hope you are in good health and I hope and wish you a Merry Christmas. I hope I achieved a lot of happy wishes this year. Last year was not greatly happy for me in my business, I learned a lot but not enough that I want. As I walked into the same repeated mistakes such as greed and indecision and hurrying causing big losses for me.

    Last year I grieved more thing is I wasted a lot of chances and caused the loss of my balance more than once and it's all because of the same repeated mistakes that can't be overcome and those mistakes as I told you before not to follow the correct capital management and greed unjustified causing loss of profits and turn the gain A loss.

    But what makes me happy is that I got my great knowledge of the Forex market and can sound technical analysis work for different currency pairs often and by a large margin.

    I hope this year to get greater knowledge and greater sophistication and focus on my job and that profits and big gains so that I can fulfill all my fancy things. And I can bring discipline and commitment in my work.

    Dear Santa, please grant me this wish to be in 2019 the happiest year of my life.

    Merry Christmas

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    First I want to appreciate roboforex forum for these contests they are doing a
    great job and it makes this forum more intresting day by day.

    Hello santa forex,

    How are you santa forex, I hope you will be good
    here I want to share a short story of my trading in 2018 with you, I hope you will not be boring
    reading my little story.
    Although I have not traded much in the year of 2018, but in the beginning of 2018 I was very much
    successful and satisfied in my trading.

    In february 2018 I received 90$ promo from roboforex and I started my trading, in the beginning
    I closed my some trade in loss after that I taken a little risk and traded with 20cents and then I
    earned 44$ profit and closed my trade, with the help of some other profitable trade I manage to earned
    22.48$ profit and I withdrawn my 22.48$ of profit to my skrill.


    Then I started my trading again and manage to earned another 6.60$ profit and I withdrawn that
    profit to my skrill account.


    Again with the help of scalping I manage to earned 35$ and again I withdrawn them in to my
    skrill account.


    Then again I earned another 22.70$ profit and again withdrawn to my skrill.


    Again with the help of scalping I manage to earned another 108.66$ and withdrawn them to my skrill

    Then because of some bad decission I lost my 90$ bonus but overall I was very much satisfied
    because with the help of 90$ bonus I earned 195.44$ profit.

    So this was the little story of my trading I hope you enjoy it, at the end I want to say I am very
    happy and satisfied with roboforex keep doing the good work and make this forum more
    interesting by bringing more good contests like this every month.

    .................................................. .................................................. ....................................

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    Dear Santa Forex,

    Joy of profits wouldn't feel so good if it wasn't for the pains of losses. Loss got to be easy because profits is hard. This is how I feel when I think about the almost ending year of 2018. I have come to face loss so many times and I have also find myself make some profits from my trade. Forex business have been a yard stick of testing my patience and risk management. All this experiences have been a great means of development for me.

    I admitted that I have blown my account too many times but my everyday goals have always been about improving from my mistakes and see that I can always get better with time.

    The screenshot above have been an overall withdrawn profits of the year already amounting to $576. It might not been a bad year after all considering that am still improving and also handling other things which has been taking part of my time.

    For the next year, I would love to see great contest like blog contest, trading contest, creative contest, prediction contest and more exciting contest offers. To add to that I would also love to see daily limit posting, increase of posting rates, membership awards and surprising gifts from Roboforex.

    I do hope that this Christmas and new year will give all of us great joy and help us all improve higher than our current state.
    Thank you for considering as I look forward hearing from you soon.

    Yours sincerely,

    Post card

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    The road to success is always a construction site.

    Lily Tomlin

    Whoever sees it that way, then thumbs up

    Merry Cristmes! Santa Claus

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    sweet street,
    12th Dec. 2018.

    Dear Santa Forex,
    It is quite a long time , I am happy that I still have hope of communicating you at this festive period since the last December (2017), how things generally? and thanks for the gifts given in the previous time, how was the journey back to the North Pole, Alaska then? I am having full hope that this year is another celebration time and the time of shaking your hand again.
    I have a lot of pics to show you when you come this year and a lot to tell as per Forex journey so far, here are some of them included in this envelope, this is how you look beautiful in the last year visit.go through them after reading this letter.
    Now, it is good I inform you how trading had being from the last time we met till date, I had series of issues in trading, dancing in between loss and profits, things are not all that ease but thank God for RoboForex broker that supply me a lot of bonus, What a kind Broker, like you supply a lot of gifts last year, so I still received a lot from them. kudos to them.
    presently , I am still maintaining my bonus account despite all odds, I was able to do this though series of practice in the demo account, a lot of strategy, indicators, seminar upon seminars , reading of eBooks and hand out, following of rules of trading, money management, risk management, patience, and I took time to avoid greediness, my entry and exit point is another thing I watch well,all to make sure I do not loose the account, eventually this are getting better.
    I want to tell you I faced problems sometimes despite all this watchfulness and caution, some of them are: news release time or fundamental , banks holidays period, fakey breakout, and quiet market condition do pose a great challenges in my trading.Nevertheless I did not allow all these to handicap me in trading and have good income.
    With the best of my knowledge in the business now, I wish to tell you I should be able to trade and win peradventure I participate in any contest, and I would wish our Broker give out a contest mainly for the beginner or new traders like me.
    With great expectation of your visit, I understand that there is going to be holiday at 25th of December , this is free trading day which would give me more time to enjoy your visitation as august visitor.
    I pray your Journey from Turkey to our country will be accident free. and till then, merry Christmas in advance.
    My regard to Mrs Claus( Jessica) and children.

    Here are the pics I promised in my package:santa 1.jpg

    santa 2.jpg



    envelope gg.jpg
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    Very Knowledge.
    People, stop!
    The Administrators are deceiving us!
    Tricking us into writing to Santa Forex while keeping DED FOREX MOROZ exclusively for themselves!

    What is the difference you say?
    Santa Forex vs. Ded Forex Moroz, Pros and Cons:

    SF: roams whole world, no free time, busy, slow
    DFM: roams only Russia and small parts of Europe and Asia, very fast

    SF: demands cookies and milk
    DFM: no cost, completely free

    SF: demands little kids (or traders?) sit on his lap
    DFM: straight guy, not a pervert

    SF: calls everybody "ho"
    DFM: does not insult people, very polite

    SF: has black kid "helper" (who keeps black kids for "helpers" these days, honestly?)

    The letters:

    Dear Ded Forex Moroz,
    please bring us profitable systems, profits and money in general. And maybe Snegurochka for a while.
    Thank you!

    Dear Forex Santa,
    please stop.

    Wow. Much Forex. So Monies. Very Opportunity.Many Trade. So Amazed. Wow.

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    My dear forex santa, I want to wish you a merry Christmas!
    I feel good to share my experience in 2018 in trading and also in participation of forum activity because both are very good for me from the knowledge and learning point of view and for earning as well , i learn lot of thing from this forum this is the best because all the member are fair and there trading strategies are fair experience some of thread are not applicable but most of trading ideas will give us real market opportunity because all member care about other , it is a very good thinking that if we help other actually all will be better for us , due to forum participation i am able to make my trade well with the bonce money so with the learning and with the efforts i would like to share my profitability history
    Most profitable trade: 94 dollar
    Biggest withdrawal :124 dollar

    I face so many losses here but i am glad that overall i earn more profit then losses so i can say that it is not a very good profitable year for me but i do well in case of losses i try to get learn from them because i read that it is the most effective solution for losses that we have to learn from them and avoid in future .

    I would like to work in upcoming year with my full efforts and mistake which i make in 2018 never repeated , it is the only way and for this purpose i wish my next year give me unlimited success and make me more confident in all my trading with good understanding of market movement and applied a good decision making
    in the year of 2018 i learn most about the decision making techniques , control emotion and how we are using different trade ideas for this purpose , and strategy building from techical point of view and also from fundamental of market , if there is no 2018 in my life i think my career is finised here so i thanks to GOD give me this year so i build my career as a forex trader to earn unlimited profit .

    Dear Santa ,at the end i would like to wish you marry Christmas again and i know my work are very simple but i try to tell what is reality and what in real going on for me so accept my greeting ,Thanks your sincerely


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