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Thread: Trading strategy

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    Trading strategy

    Although it grows like a clock, the scalping strategy shows that if it works, and in this picture the details are shown and they can even keep looking at the live account through FXjunction, the user on that page is Mirandatrader, they can also observe operations in I live, I do not know what you think about how this account is moving? Please think.


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    the strategy can be good and let the trader to make some money with it but he first needs to practice on it first to be able to know its nature and how he can trade with it properly and so he will be able to maximize the profits with it because he will be able to use the best features of it and can be able to maximize the profits.

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    With what am seeing it shows that he is making good money with this scalping system and sure scalping is that type of system that can double our capital hence we have the strong experience to manage it and know where to follow it in this trade. All we want here is success and the best we can thereby do is to work on our trade and see the means to earn well in forex. A good trading system will surely give us the possible means to earn well and see we can achieve better result at the right point in time.

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    Sir, if truly you will like to know more about this trading system for scalping, then you will need to do more of explanation on this for us. Even though i am not a constant scalper, yet the idea of it do flip in my mind once in a while. It is not just good to show us the result of your trades sir, we want to know how it is been done by you as well.

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    yes I agree with you but still you cannot use this fundamental stratergy alone without some trendlines or support and resistant and also some momentum indicators nothing is easy in forex you have to sweat to get profitable in this business

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    I would love to see more clearer explaination on how this scalping system works and how possible it is to maintain such winning system in a short time. The screenshot is showing us the amount of profits been made at a period of time but there was no talk about how to use this scalping system to achieve such. If we are here to debate about scalping, we will still agree thats it's a profitable system for thé short term but won't still deny the fact that its such a risky method.

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    It shows a very good results for trader and also one important thing i observe is consistency of trader if we look at the chart it is moving upside with average bases and not a single time it will be drooped , so this will give trader good advantage of using his trading ideas for consistency of trade , trader must show his way of trade through we easily get used our ideas for development of successful trade plan .

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    Which shows that he is making good money in this scalping system and is definitely the method of method which can double our capital, so we have strong experience in managing it and it will be followed in this trade where we know it. What we want here is successful and we can do the job of working on our business and earning good on Forex. A good trading system can certainly give us the best possible ways to earn and we can achieve the right results at the right time.

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    No matter how good a strategy could be once you are newly introduce to it then you have firstly practice with and if you are satisfied with it then go ahead and trade live with it and if not there still millions of better strategies either a personally design one or long term existing one.All we need is to make profits through good strategy and good features for a trader.

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    Trading using scalping is a good strategy for traders but we have to do serious practice using the demo account so as to know how to use the strategy properly without issue, thank you for showing us the detail of using the strategy here both the won and loss trade, this is the more reason why trade should be making sure he has good knowledge of using it, in all trading using this strategy is good as we can use it to grow our small account gradually.

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