The rules of the "Cryptocurrency. Technical analysis" branch.
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Thread: The rules of the "Cryptocurrency. Technical analysis" branch.

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    The rules of the "Cryptocurrency. Technical analysis" branch.

    These rules can be applied to the forum section "Cryptocurrency. Technical analysis" and are in addition to the main rules of the forum.

    1. Analytical forecasts should be unique, i.e. they should be own, non-borrowed, should not contain template phrases and expressions (lack of copy-paste from forums or news feeds, sites).
    2. The post should contain a description of price movement`s direction, its possible goal, the method used for analysis, the indicators on which the forecast is built, etc.
    3. Each post, which contains any analytical data/forecast, should be supported by a screenshot.

      • In the topics, whose titles mention "R Trader", posts should be supported with screenshots made in the R Trader platform.
      • If there is no screenshot in the post, which contains analytical data/forecast, Moderator has the right to charge promo funds, even if the post has more than 300 characters.

    4. Screenshots should be posted on images hostings or in the attachment to the message.
    5. All screenshots, placed on image hostings and having their size more than 600x800px at least on one of the sides, shall be posted on the forum in the form of a BB sketch code.
    6. Posts chasing and cross-posting will not be tolerated and dealt strictly.
    7. All posts, that violate these rules, will be deleted without warning.
    8. The interval between messages of one user must be at least 15 minutes.

    Screenshot from the layout is the best way to illustrate your thoughts. Messages without screenshots may be removed by the moderator without explanation.
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