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    YEXF Bbands

    YEXF Bbands
    Account information:
    Type of CopyFX account Trader
    Name of CopyFX Trader fayiz
    Account number 5261721
    Read only password t690111
    Account type CopyFx MT4 Pro-Cent
    Account currency USD
    Leverage 1 : 1000
    copyfx informers

    Strategy Parameters

    BBbands Stop Blue for buy
    BBbands Stop red for sell
    Difficulty: Easy
    Time Frame: H1, H4, D1
    Trading pairs: All Forex Pairs

    Strategy Description
    Its easy to use the Bbands that is give us red and blue dots of Bbands that are give traders to enter into a long and short trade. '

    Its use is really simple and easy. When blue dots Bbands are appear on the chart that is buy signals for traders and that is good opportunity for us to go long with it.


    Red Bbands are appear on the chart that is sign of sell and its a really good opportunity to go short on that pair.

    [mod="ContestFX"]Strategy confirmed[/mod]
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