Simple Regression Channel
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    Simple Regression Channel

    Simple Regression Channel
    Account information:
    Type of CopyFX account Trader
    Name of CopyFX Trader rimturn
    Account number 5261712
    Read only password free0101
    Account type CopyFx MT4 Pro-Cent
    copyfx informer

    Strategy Parameters:-

    Difficulty: Easy
    Time Frame: H4, H1 daily weekly
    Trading pairs: All Pairs trading
    Risk: 1:1
    Indicators: Simple Regression Channel

    Strategy Description:

    Buy with Simple Regression Channel
    If market is show the bullish Regression Channel and show bullish trend, Buy at the bottom line of regression channel and target is middle and upper channel. If price is not reach the upper line then use the middle line to buy again with bullish channel.

    Sell with Simple Regression Channel
    Market is show the Bearish Regression channel and show the bearish trend. Sell at the upper line of regression channel and target is middle and lower channel line.
    [mod="ContestFX"]Strategy confirmed[/mod]
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    order #150526922 sell 18.00 XAUUSD 1226.56 1217.90


    - - - Updated - - -

    Buy gbpusd because price of gbpusd is near the lower regression line which is good sign to buy on it.



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