RSI (divergence)
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    RSI (divergence)

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    Name of CopyFX Trader loya
    Account number 5261599
    Read only password dreeam67700
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    copy fx informer

    Strategy Parameters

    RSI (divergence)
    Divergence Line
    Yes Mark
    Time frame:- H1 H4 D1
    Difficulty:- Easy
    Risk and Reward:- 1:2
    Trading pairs:- All currency pairs

    Strategy description:-


    If RSI is below the 30 level and Yes market is appear the below price and Rsi. Divergence line is make on the below rsi that is a good opportunity to enter a buy trade.

    buy div.jpg


    Yes mark is appear on above rsi and price candles and rsi is above from the 70 level. Divergence line is also make on rsi top that is sign a sell trade on a tradign pair.

    sell div.jpg
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    competition loya.jpg

    divergence is make on the below of price a=which is good chance to buy on gold and this is also show the uptrend of this metal.

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