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    Monero versus the United States dollars went close to 45.00000 before it formed a pin bar candlestick we went up, this was a pure rejection by the bulls, price is is just below the upper band of the bollinger indicator which means the bears are shown to be in control, the moment price can climb above 46.50000 that is when the real buying will begin with a destination to 47.0000.

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    Monero during the trades of the last half of the current week failed to penetrate the peak of $46.60 and then landed to break a previous bottom as a result of the bear pressure on it. With contact with the former bottom area at $44.17 it failed to fragment it, thus bounced back to test the $46.60 area.
    XMR/USD we've seen on it is neutral so far due to the failure of confirmation to penetrate the downward trend line that occurred during last week's trades.

    It is expected that in the event of a $46.98 area penetration may target the 52.65 $ area. On the other side in a broken case the $42.39 area may target $37.96 areas.

    Support: 37.96 – 32.50 – 27.23.
    Resistance: 49.83 – 59.39 – 75.61.

    Direction: Neutral


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    The current price in the XMR-USD crypto-currency trading instrument is 43.48 USD, see the R-trader chart attached with technical indicators

    The trend over the last week was neutral and this continues over the weekend.The price is near the bottom of the local range and is significantly below simple moving average with a period of 800 trading hours. The 4-hour stochastic indicator suggests that the downtrend was in force up to now but the trend is about to revert.

    I suggest to buy on dips, e.g. the specific recommendation is buy limit $43.2.

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    The rate is 43.056$ in the XMR-USD trading instrument. The price moved up today, but the last (current) bar is relatively strong and it is bearish. This is somewhat confusing for the forecast, but the price levels and retracement can still be perfectly reliable tools of analysis.

    The simple moving average (800 hours) is at 46.8 USD, i.e. the difference with the current price is over 3 USD. The 4-hour stochastic indicator (5,3,3) reflects the local bearish movement today. Since the price is close to the bottom, I suggest to buy. If you followed my previous forecast, you should now have XMR bought at 43.2 USD. Keep it patiently.

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    The XMR-USD trading instrument is at 47.97 USD today. The instrument is in the overbought state, for instance, the 800-hours moving average is at 46.00 USD, therefore, a movement downside is to be expected in the near term.

    Two most evident resistance zones are at 49.4 USD and 51.2 USD. Both of them are very good and quite safe selling opportunities.

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    Monero during the second week of this month's trades failed to penetrate the $49.83 resistance zone, as a result of the effect of the bull's torque thus landed towards the first support areas. Since then, the currency has been traded in a specific range as a result of the strong struggle between bulls and bears and the failure of any party to win over The other.

    Monero we have looked at it is neutral so far as a result of trading in a narrow range between the upper and lower borders of the yellow shaded candle between 49.86 areas: $46.82.

    It is expected that in the event of a $50.60 area penetration may target the 55.30 $ area. While, in a fraction of $45.37 area may target $43.56 areas.

    Support: 46.88-37.96 – 32.50.
    Resistance: 49.83 – 59.39 – 75.61.

    Direction: Neutral.


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    XMR-USD start daily candle with the price of 52.13707 and start flowing the yesterday bullish trend and found the resistance level at price 54.00000,XMR-USD make a daily high at this point right on the resistance level and back to 52.137 even XMR-USD not able to manage to cross this level,wait for a clear breakout re rejection on this resistance level,XMR-USD resist on this level to go further upward ..

    Resistance level # 54.00000 / 60.00000
    Support level # 47.11440 / 42.99660

    Possible Direction ( upward if resistance broken )

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    The present price in the XMR-USD trading instrument is 52.34100 USD. The direction is neutral during the last week.

    The simple moving average (800 hours) is at 47 USD. I expect the price to go towards it, since the upside movement has been terminated.

    When you trade, it is essential to remember the most important price levels in this instrument, as proposed below.

    Support zones: 47 USD; 38 USD; 32 USD.
    Resistance zones: 60 USD; 76 USD.

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    I'm quite unfamiliar with the operations of the rtrader.
    How does it work? Is it synonymous to the conventional meta trader, does it offer more profitable opportunities, and what form of currencies can be traded? Is it just for cryptocurrencies or can all currency pairs be traded on the rtrader platform..

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    XMR-USD after a bullish trend fall very strong from top price 56.65000 to the support line,XMR-USD moves very fast towards the support due to high sellers pressure,according to technical analysis XMR-USD goes further downwards after the price rejection from the top,wait for clear direction ..

    Resistance level # 54.00000 / 60.00000
    Support level # 47.11440 / 42.99660

    Possible Direction (Downwards)

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