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    OMG/USD. R Trader


    OmiseGO (OMG) is a cryptocurrency and also decentralized exchange, liquidity provider mechanism, clearinghouse messaging network, and asset-backed blockchain gateway based on Ethereum. Unlike nearly all other decentralized exchange platforms, OmiseGo allows for decentralized exchange of other blockchains and between multiple blockchains directly without a trusted gateway token. ICO start date: 2017-06-27.

    This instrument is available for trading on the platform R trader. You can start trading with as few as 10 USD on your trading account.

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    OMG/USD which has attracted lots of attention as soon as it was released into the CryptoCurrencies environment saw a meteoric rise that took it to around 15 USD or even higher, now it is trading below $2 which is quite a shame, it fell all the way from the $15 to $1.48280 but I think it is going to be moving up a bit because the moving average suggests so. It has been trading around the 50 moving average without much progress which I believe might continue. Except something drastical happen.

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    The OMG crypto-currency is in the oversold state versus USD, see the attached chart with indicators. The present rate is 1.09880 USD. The currency is at the bottom of the depicted range and the moving average (800 hours) is a way higher than the present rate of the instrument, 0.3200$. It is generally a good chance to acquire some cheap OMG, assuming that OMG will further grow. I suggest to trade with small portion of OMG, as it is difficult to predict whether it will fall additionally down or not, due to small trading volumes involved in trading.

    I suggest to put a SL at 1.09 USD to avoid larger than needed losses.

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    The price is the OMG/USD instrument is 1.26470 USD currently. The price is higher than the 800-hours simple moving average, thus, some overbought state of OMG can be postulated. The price moved higher during the previous week, but with a number of pullbacks, therefore the stochastic indicator (5, 3, 3, 4-hours ) is not smooth. It is now already too late to buy, so I suggest to look for a good point to sell.

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    The price is the OMG-USD trading instrument is presently equal to 1.30560 USD.

    The movement is neutral. Furthermore, the previous bullish trend seems to be over.

    The stochastic (4 hours, 5,3,3) is slightly bearish and the price is above the 800-hours long simple moving average. IN this situation, a retracement down is possible, thus I recommend to sell around 1.35 USD to see the movement towards SMA-800, i.e. to the zone of 1.20000 USD.

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