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    The current rate in the IOTA-USD instrument is 0.3074$. The long-term trend is bullish and now the price moves in the bullish direction.

    The simple moving average (800 hours) points to 0.28 USD. The most essential resistance is located at 0.322 USD. I suppose it is already late to buy, so it is better to wait and to find a reliable point to start a bearish position.

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    IOTA-USD index price 0.3075 moving upwards in the favor of bullish trend IOTA-USD still moving in tight range ans price resist to go further up at price 0.3101 its is aslo yesterday high of IOTA-USD after touching this point price falls to the 0.3035 and now IOTA-USD moving upwards slowly wait for a clear direction technical indicators shows the upside movement of IOTA-USD..

    Resistance Levels # 0.3195
    Support Levels # 0.2871 / 0.2676 / 0.2600

    Possible Direction ( BULLISH )

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    The current price in IOTA-USD is 0.2764 USD. The trend is strongly bearish, however, if you were bearish from the very beginning, it is a good time to fix a profit, as I am not sure that the downtrend will continue tomorrow.

    The rate is in the neutral zone and, therefore, it is possible that it will go upside soon.

    Trading recommendation: close your sell-orders.

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    IOTA failed to penetrate the first resistance areas at 0.3235 $ as a result of the pressure of the sellers thus landed towards the 0.3102 $ areas during the last beer day trades. With the start of the trades on Saturday for the past bounced currency to try to penetrate the area of resistance 0.3235 $ and failed in it for the second consecutive time, Thus landed towards $0.3062 areas.

    IOTA we look at is neutral on the 240 minute interval as a result of trading in a specific range between 0.2845 $ areas and up to $0.328 areas and we do not recommend buying at this time and even exceeding these areas.

    It is expected that in case of breaking the $0.3036 area may target the 0.2875 $ area. On the other side of the $0.3251 area penetration may target $0.3573 areas.

    Support: 0.3036 – 0.2494 – 0.2184.
    Resistance: 0.3235 – 0.3573 – 0.4023.

    Direction: Neutral

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    IOTA During the trades this month failed to return again the highest areas $0.3573 as a result of the weak determination of buyers. Thus landed to break the $0.3232 areas as a result of the bear pressure on it and continued to fall to break the areas of $0.3043, and did not stop there but the bleeding continued until the areas of $0.2809.

    IOTA is traded in a downward direction on the 4-hour interval that supports the breaking of the upward trend line that occurred during last Saturday's trading.
    The breaking of the upward trend line was confirmed by the breaking of the $0.2955 areas during the overnight trades.

    It is expected that in case of breaking the $0.2911 area may target the 0.2769 $ area. On the other hand if the $0.3159 area is breached may target $0.3533 areas.

    Support: 0.2683 – 0.2494 – 0.2184.
    Resistance: 0.3036 – 0.3235-0.3573.

    Direction: Bearish.

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    IOTA failed to penetrate the $0.4650 areas as a result of poor buyer's resolve and thus landed to break the $0.4023 areas. The currency continued to bleed up to $0.3631 areas during last Thursday and continued to rise to areas of $0.4090.

    IOTA is traded in a bullish direction supported by the penetration of the upper rib of the classical symmetric triangle model as supported by the penetration of the 0.4023 $ regions. The currency is currently in poor condition and we do not recommend buying except in the case of positive price behavior at the top side.

    It is expected that if the $0.3727 zone is broken, the 0.3036 zone may be targeted. While trading the highest areas of $0.4023 may target $0.5105 areas.

    Support: 0.4023 – 0.3573 – 0.3235.
    Resistance: 0.4650 – 0.5033-0.5987.

    Direction: Upward

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