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    EOS/BTC. R Trader


    EOS is a blockchain platform with the use of the delegated proof-of-stake (DPOS). Whilst the open source software is developed by the Cayman Islands registered Block.one Company, the actual blockchain launch is carried out by volunteer block producer candidates. At the moment, the project is going through the ICO stadium that will be completed in 2018. The project’s chief developer is Dan Larimer. EOS ICO start date: 2017-06-26

    This instrument is available for trading on the platform R trader. You can start trading with as few as 10 USD on your trading account.

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    The EOS/BTC is being traded within the daily pivot, holding below by the support level 0.00063, and above by the resistance level 0.00075. As long as the pair is in this range, trading from these levels is preferable - sell from resistance and buy from support. After prices break out of this range with the breaching prices of the day, it's ideal to follow the trend once breakout happen and trade in the direction.

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    The EOS-BTC rate is at $0.00086220. The trend is bearish and the rate is still above the simple moving average curve with a period of 800 hours.

    The stochastic indicator (5,3,3, 4 hours) is uncertain, see the chart attached. The resistance zone exist in the vicinity of 0.0007700 BTC. I suggest to monitor that zone and buy when the price reaches it.

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