Hi traders!

Recently I’ve made webinar «Value trading» and in this thread I want to summarize ideas and concepts from presentation of this webinar.

Let’s first think about this: every trader has his idea of value, some traders recognize it, some don’t, but we all have idea of value, if we haven’t had it, we would not be able to make a trade. If you go short, you should think that current prices are unfair and market will return to lower prices, if you go long, you also should be aware that value will be built somewhere higher than current price levels. If you sit on your hands, you should think that value is located somewhere near current prices – in other words, opportunity hasn’t appeared yet.

Conventional and straightforward way for capturing value is to build moving average and derivative of moving average – Bollinger Bands indicator. Moving average is considered to represent value, borders of Bollinger Bands are considered to represent 1 standard deviation from average:


One the picture you see note that if we take moving average as a substitute for value, we are risking to get many misleading signals.


It occurs because of what I call «Inequality principle»

It claims: «Different price levels are not equally important for the market». Do you feel what I’m talking about? Moving average can’t distinguish what price levels are more important for the market – it’s responsibility of a trader. Missing piece is market logic.

Let me provide an example: if I decided to apply Bollinger Bands on GBPUSD on Monday, I was expected to sell:


But period in the red circle was a final auction, overall trend was rising and market was no longer able to stay inside of a trading range. When market lacks selling liquidity, when nobody is going to sell, it start advertising higher searching for sellers. We often see that price is leaning to higher extremes and holds on higher prices.


How do you think – if auction is in place, can we say that this area is equally important for the market as area from previous day? Obviously, it is not – if selling liquidity is not enough, market loses equilibrium and searches for new area where balance can be found. We may pay too much attention to this area, but Bollinger Bands respects is as any other areas – moving average in the center is slowly moving up.

If we rely on idea of value from Bollinger Bands, we should sell because «value» is located below price. But in fact, proper calculation should like described below: value should not slowly move up, but it should make fast «gap» and it’s location is going to be somewhere in the center of congestion:


As you see, our scenario completely changes when we look at the chart this way. We now should go long, because value is going up!
So, there was rationale for long trade there, and I posted it in my journal.

Good luck!