Are you a aggressive trader or scalper? What ever hearing about Paul Tudor Jones?

Jones is starting the business as a broker then in his second year gotten commissions over $1 million that is very fantastic commissions. Jones had interested in trading when in college reading an article on Richard Dennis which made a big impression about the greatest job in the world. After Jones finished his college, Jones went to his uncle and asked to could help Jones to get started as a trader. His Uncle sent Jones to his first tutor The Legendary famous cotton trader, Eli Tullis, who lived in New Orleans, Eli offered Jones a job on the floor of the New York Cotton Exchange. And when 1980 Jones as an independent floor trader and successful within making millions during the next few years at there. Jones really impressive achievement within consistency of his performance because in three and a half years as a floor trader and he witnessed only one losing month. Very amazing performance of his trading.
And what the best of him that Jones has emulated New York businessman Eugene Lang by setting up a fund to finance the college education in Brooklyn's. This is not only about donating money but also Jones has become personally involved by meeting with his adopted students weekly with organization the Robin Hood Foundation which Jones as Founder likes name's his foundation that it raises money from the rich and distributes it to private groups and individuals working to aid the poor. This is what i love about him. A success with fully love and get love from another human. Attitude of Jones when speaks about Elli Tullis as His teacher always with feeling admiration. Jones tells that Elli made the greatest impression on Jones was his steel hard emotional control. And when Eli Tullis could carry on a polite, relaxed conversation with visitors without blinking an eye, at the same time his positions were getting decimated in the market. That attitude and mind set is important things to being traders success. Character building lesson giving impact how to think critically. Eli Tullis taught Jones about moving volume.
"When you are trading size, you have to get out when the market lets you out, not when you want to get out". Eli taught Jones that if want to move a large position,don't wait until the market is in new high or low ground because very little volume may trade there if it is a turning point.
This my opinion, maybe like this picture what about that:

For example that we can trading in little volume if that is turning point. Another example, there are probably going to be a lot of sell stops at Price 0.76208, if the market is trading 0.73208 aid, 0.77208 offered, the whole trading ring has a vested interest in buying the market, touching off those stops, and liquidating into the stops that is a very common ring practice. As an upstairs trader, if traders want to cover a position in that type of situation, liquidate half at between 0.76208 and 0.76454, so that traders will not have to worry about getting out of the entire position at the point where the stops are being hit. Always liquidate half position below new highs or lows and the remaining half beyond that point. To be a good trader, be a contrarian but still following the trend. Do not risk everything on one trade! Make your life a pursuit of happiness rather than pain in trading!
Firstly decided that to become a trader had to learn discipline and money management. Then as trader must to become very disciplined in risk business like about trading. Look likes Jones say that "Don't focus on making money,but focus on protecting what you have". Discipline to plan trading and rules of money management is the most important, cause as Jones said that "The most important rule in trading is: Play great defense, not great offense." So later your trading systems have tested and found it that actually works well, within type of trading systems is type trend following. Don not type contrarian that opposes or rejects popular opinion in the market.

I will to very appreciate to member this forum for sharing more about type trading systems as type trend following with me and for all traders here.