Success comes with time, with our hard work and determination not comes from big investment so this is story of a gay who proved that for success money not matter, the thing matter is our passion and aims, if we know our aims we can get success so let’s start
Shaun Benjamin- a self-made millionaire
Shaun born in Swaziland and raised in Newcastle KZN, he is young trader and got skills and master in very early age, at the age of 21 he made his 1st million from forex trading.
Benjamin was born in a middle class family and raised by his mother, in after his interviews he explained that raised by a single mother is not easy people talk in different way in that situation so they faces many issues. When he competed his matric in 2012,he was accepted for Engineering course but after that same year he left it for an IT course. So it was good for him but he was now know about his future so due to financial issues he couldn’t continues with his studies and had to drop out.
That moment was bad for him and I also think in that moment no one can be able to understand what he should do now but he know that what he want to do.
Being determined to make something of his life, he managed to secure a Learnership and later that year at Khethekile mining he obtained a National Certificate in Underground Coal Blasting Operations.
He also realized we work for others but we can work for self also so to achieve it he started forex trading, he also quit from his job. when he had enough financial backing and went on to found Benjamin Forex Academy.
This forex academy for all those persons who want to get some financial goals and want to get skills because Benjamin know about poverty so he worked for other people
Benjamin Forex Academy:
At age of 23 he started this academy. This academy offers many effective forex courses that already proved and profitable for its clients. And the best part is all that is free of cost. He is delivering knowledge to other people because he faced issue he know issues of societies. However, Benjamin Forex Academy aims to educate individuals about the secrets of trading so that they can also profit from the Forex market. Since the beginning of its operation, the academy has managed to help over 200 individuals work towards reaching their financial goals through their training.
In his interview he told that he started forex and mentioned this line: “I never wanted to work for someone; I’ve always been taken by the idea of being my own boss and being financially free.” the young trader reflects.

this is best lesson for those who are hopeless they do not have big investment and they cannot earn here, they should work hard with passion and work hard they can earn good profit from here, he earned huge in 2 years and founded a academy as well because of passion and determination.