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    The TRY recorded its highest rise against the dollar during yesterday's session, reaching the 5.70 levels without realizing more gains that were important for the continued visibility of more of them, which weakened the positive situation to see the exchange rate at the 5.82 levels and these areas from which the pair landed with Opening of the sessions this week, despite the foregoing we will stay with the support of achieving more gains for the Turkish lira (means more losses to the husband) and require therefore break the levels of the 5.70 and exposure to stability without it, and we prefer not to achieve full penetration above the 5.90 levels in order to complete the elements of the wave Expected downside of the day.

    The general direction of the pair: low-condition breaking the floor of the 5.70 and persistence without it

    Support: 5, 70-5.65-5.60
    Resistance: 5.90-5.95-6.00

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    The Turkish lira has not been able to maintain the gains it recorded with the start of the trades of the current week, the pair registered heights during yesterday's session (losses for Turkish lira) to the levels of the 5.82, which is an indication of the onset of signs of support for the US dollar in front of the Turkish lira, and therefore We'll wait for today's trades to determine the general direction of the husband. If the exchange rate is closed above the 5.80 levels, we will stand with the positive attitude of the husband, in front of if the support floor is broken at 5.70 we are facing sharp declines for the husband, so we will stand today with the neutral view weighted according to the previous data in line With the implications of the figures for moving rates and technical indicators for the day.

    The general direction of the husband: my Side

    Support: 5, 70-5.65-5.60
    Resistance: 5.80-5.85-5.90

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    The return of fresh pressures on the movement of the pair may reinforce the previous downward trend, breaking below the support levels nearby at 5.77 will enhance the declines and opens the door to the prices to test 5.75 levels, otherwise the return of prices above the level of resistance at 5.79 would reduce the pressure Temporary.

    Support: 5.77 _ 5.75 _ 5.73
    Resistance: 5.97 _5.82_ 5.84

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    The pair during the trades of yesterday morning bounced from the areas of 5.7595 and continued to rise until the first resistance areas 5.7881, which failed to penetrate as a result of the weak intention of the buyers, thus fell to the 5.7580 areas. The pair even because we still looked at it neutral So far the result of trading between 5.8087 levels and up to 5.7539 prices.

    Expect us without change due to the absence of significant price movements, in case of penetration 5.7881 may target 5.8151 areas. On the other side in case of breaking the 5.7509 areas may target 5.7340 levels.

    Resistance: 5.7881-5.8548-5.9049.
    Support: 5.7425-5.6995-5.6544.

    Direction: Neutral

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