The TRY recorded its highest rise against the dollar during yesterday's session, reaching the 5.70 levels without realizing more gains that were important for the continued visibility of more of them, which weakened the positive situation to see the exchange rate at the 5.82 levels and these areas from which the pair landed with Opening of the sessions this week, despite the foregoing we will stay with the support of achieving more gains for the Turkish lira (means more losses to the husband) and require therefore break the levels of the 5.70 and exposure to stability without it, and we prefer not to achieve full penetration above the 5.90 levels in order to complete the elements of the wave Expected downside of the day.

The general direction of the pair: low-condition breaking the floor of the 5.70 and persistence without it

Support: 5, 70-5.65-5.60
Resistance: 5.90-5.95-6.00