Trader: Cutiekc
Account number: 7232094
Server name: RoboForex-ECN
Account type: CopyFx MT4 ECN Pro
Leverage: 1:300
Funds: 112.90 USD

Description of the subscription conditions:
Scheme: Trader on profit
Added on: 07 November 2018 06:17:06
Started on: 07 November 2018 06:17:06
Risk level: Minimum
Commission for profit: 20 %
Amount of minimum deposit: 100 USD
Investment period: 4 weeks

My strategy is a bit mixed with support and resistance method and then I use candle stick to furthermore, I trade using indicator such as bollinger band and moving average, depending on the situation of the market.

My risk is on the minimum. Max is 2 percent of my whole account at a time.

I have taken some trades and the result is as follow.