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Thread: Errors of novice trader on the stock market

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    Errors of novice trader on the stock market

    The exchange stock is the place where we are coming to earn money. By a strange coincidence of some things, the rest of the market participants are coming here with the same purpose. But the amount of money in nature is limited, so the winners in this struggle for money are the wisest ones.
    Unfortunately, wisdom does not come immediately, so novice traders make mistakes. As a rule, errors, which they make, are of the same type.
    In this topic, we consider the most common mistakes of novice stock traders.

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    When you work for yourself throughout the day it doesn't influence anybody or anything aside from your pocket. You can unwind for quite a while on your normal occupation as you realize that toward the month's end you will get a specific measure of cash. In any case, when trading is your all-day work you should be concentrated and consistently be forward-thinking. Now and again one great arrangement makes you visually impaired and influences your conduct. You generally ought to think about a loss.

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    The main mistake of novice traders is that they focus just on making money, while it would be better to think about the ways to improve the performance rather than making profits. That is why they should pay more attention on proper analysis of their trades to figure out the main mistakes they make and find a solution to eliminate them.
    The list of the most common mistakes:
    - lack of preparation and trading planning,
    - holding losing positions to long hoping that the price will reverse,
    - closing profitable positions too early to get at least small profit (it is wrong due to the risk management rules),
    - trading without the strategy,
    - trading on real account without having enough experience (most of them start real trading too early and lose all their investments).

    Each newbie trader could easily extend this list with his own mistakes.

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