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    Quote Originally Posted by Ehis View Post
    Multi time analysis is where the forex trader can tell the true direction of the market, if the essence of multiple time frames analysis is misunderstood, getting profits from the market will be a very herculean task, including 4 hour in whatever time frame combination we are using adds some serious reliability into our analysis.
    Some times the market is choppy and then it gets hard to tell on the trend direction, to my best of knowledge when such time arises in the market. For me, what I do then is to ignore the market and then get to wait for a better time to take on trades. using different time frames in trading is great and couple of times has saved me from going against the trend.

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    multi time frame is best for a trader to follow different strategies easily when you have follow one time frame it can give you idea to enter into other time frame with experience, it should give you confidence to observe the right direction of the market with short and long time frame also and you can easy earn a big profit with proper understanding.

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    When doing multiple time frame analysis, I don't think we can consider the daily time frame as the highest, I am surprised that is what the thread starter has referred to as being the highest, there is the monthly time frame and even the weekly, many traders that are price action based use them for their analysis. multiple time frames gives better views about trading.

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    Multi timeframe analysis helps you in getting a better analysis if the market. Using higher timeframes can give you a clear picture of where the price is heading on the long run, It can help you avoid getting into false signals and also it is great for setting larger and yet realistic take profit for your trades.

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    This strategy is similar with common strategies i found and read in this forum especially to those who trade in daily basis using technical analysis. by far, timeframes combination between h1, h4, and daily has become trader's favorite choice because these three timeframes provides different overview from market and mostly applied on many strategies that has been shared throughout internet. these timeframes offers best movement to help us get the signal from our strategy.

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    I think time frame depend on trader that if they open long term trade then trader need to select multiple time like H1 and H4 . and if trader need to open short term trade then trader need to set 1 min & 5min time frame for trader.It is important that when trader open trade with analysis and strategy bases then their time frame working perfectly otherwise just one the base of ideas that trader never get good result from time frame

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    the trader needs always to look on the higher time frames and determine the trend then look on the lower time frames and determine the trend on them also, then try to get the same direction on two or three of them to get good confirmation and makes more effective trading always and more profitable trading always.

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    multi time frames can give a trader a best method to trade with following every strategy. first try to follow a small lot size than increase it gradually as you get experience and also earn good. when we trade with multiple time frames than we get knowledge how to handle the market in different time frames and with different strategies.

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    There is always a top to down approach whenever we want to trade, that is the essence of using multiple time frame, you will first check the higher time frame of your choice and whatever you find there is now used to enter any trade based on your strategy, ignore this multiple times frames analysis see how your account will drop in value, multi time Analysis is required to make consistent profits from trading Forex.

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    Yes i think that the multiple time frames can never be a bad thing or traders, this is the way of confirming the market, so that if the lower time frames, and the higher time frames are saying the same thing, the trader will be better in the market handling, and i am sure that the success of the trader will surely follows.

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