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    EUR-USD is around $1.12500. I did not analyze this pair. If it returns to below $1.12, I will close the sell-order.
    As far as the EURUSD remains above the 1.1200 then it is more likely that the price of this pair would be making it toward the 1.1300 level in the coming days, but if the price goes back in to the selling area which is below the 1.1200 then it is likely that we shall start seeing the price heading into the bearish movement again. But as far as the price remains above the 1.1200 then I would be more concerned about buying it whenever it come to the support area which is at the 1.1244 and if the price is hold then we shall still see the market heading more bullish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Penuelophir View Post
    EURUSD remains above the 1.1200 then it is more likely that the price of this pair
    No idea. Maybe yes, maybe no. I do not see significantly strong resistance and support zones in this given corridor. My pending order profit is between -10 and +10 pips. I let it evolve and find its way. As for me, a long bullish trend is not likely so far. Fall below 1.11 is also unlikely. Maybe I will close soon to fix a few pips.

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    The JPY is significantly down. Particularly in GBP-JPY (down almost 100 pips) and USD-JPY (down 40 pips). NZD-JPY, CAD-JPY, and AUD-JPY are also all up, e.g. in my favor. I entered the markets at their respective bottoms and now I am waiting for the increase to fix some hundreds of pips.

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    I think we might start seeing some upward price movement on the USDJPY because the price have been able to test the support are which was at the 107.86 for about five times now on the one hour chart and the only thing I am waiting on is to make sure that the price starts moving towards the North and never come back to the support level again then I would know that we are heading towards the bullish side. Buying at the above mentioned support level is okay too, because it have shown that it is strong.

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