The Figure

The figure of birth 1942 although knowns more as trader in the stock and futures market Larry Williams footsteps provide valuable contribution to traders in all market including in forex. he has graduated from university of oregon department of journalism, he is the man who wrestle trading very seriously for a long time. As a trader he has also experienced the same difficulties felt by most traders. he also experienced failure due to the influence of the market prices that moves very dynamically. but one thing you can learn is that he has a type of people of never giving up before bringing a big profits.

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Career, Achievement and Contribution

Larry williams start trading in the stock market early 1960's then he knows and trade on commodity market was introduced by a friend. in commodity market use a same capital but the return obtained could be larger and then in commodity trading he has successes to making large money than stock trading.

in 1987, Larry Williams followed trading world championship program at Robbins World Cup Championship organized by Robbins Trading Company. and it came out as the winner after 12 months he able to change $10.000 to became $1.1 million.

not only trading he can doing but as trader he also able as a maker of various indicator among them is William%, the COT indices, Accumulation/Distribution indicator,

Advice for beginners and Point of view by Larry Williams

Like running a marathon, start slowly. provide time and sufficient funds for study and practice. The cost to learn will very cheap compared to the experience and knowledge that you will gain in this business. When trading, you feel if anything goes wrong, immediately cut-loss, but let your profits ' ran ', you must have a target. "he said.
Further Williams again, "Never in the past a certain time I fall awake in trading. Almost all of the traders I know have achieve success and move on quickly. " How he confronts those moments? "Running," Williams replied.

the view of Larry Williams about trading business? "My passion in this business is always thinking ahead. Most people think about the current state, but traders should think about whether there will be rain 6 months from now? Whether a war will occur 10 months from now? Whether there will be famine 2 years from now? Might be a good fit for me. I'm living in the future, "he said. But, "trading is very vulnerable with emotion. You should be able to get used to not be emotional when trading, or you will experience mental pressure constantly.