In this very story for a billion about George Soros, I will very much talk about this smart businessman who changed the financial world to become most people mentors. His quotes were exceptional, his books were inspirational, his achievements were numerous and his early career was motivating. He really struggled just like others as he worked as a waiter at one point but his hardwork made him successful at the end. Right now George soros is one of the most influential people on earth and have really made a name for himself in the financial world.


So many sites have talked about this man who was born in August 12, 1930 (age 88). He has a citizenship of Hungary and the United States of America. He is an investor, hedge fund manager, author and Philanthropist. He is known for managing Soros fund management, the open society foundations, advising the Quantum fund and Target of several conspiracy theories. As of November 2018, George Soros net worth is up to $8.3 billions. His spouses were named ( Annaliese witschak, Susan weber and Tamiko Bolton). He has five children and his official site is known to be (


As a teenager of 13 years old, George soros survived the Nazi occupation of Hungary which half a million Jews were killed. He worked as a courier for a Jewish council and when deportation from Hungary to death camp started during the Holocaust, he was reduced to hiding his Jewish identity just to survive.
George survive the battle in Budapest- Hungary and then migrated to England in the year 1947. In England he worked as a waiter and a railway Porter, before he got a job in a merchant bank. There he worked very hard and earned a place in the prestigious London school of economics where he earned his B.S.C degree and P.H.D in economics and then migrated to New York city.


George soro began to work as an arbitrage trader and made enough money for five years which really helped him so much to go England to study Philosophy. He started off his business career during 1970 and founded the Soros fund management.. At a point he had to resign from his first Eagle funds job and get on to start the Quantum funds which really made more than 5. 5 billion dollars and therefore making George soros as the most successful person in the hedge funds history. This same Quantum Fund have however generated over $40 billion since it started.

He also used his fortune to create the Open society foundations which was a network of foundations, partners and lots of projects to over 100 countries. He has also written so many books in his name and have given out lots of scholarships. His philanthropy started in 1979, he also helped to promote the open exchange of ideas in the Communist Eastern bloc. George once stated that "My success in the financial market has given me a greater degree of independence than most other people, this allows me to take a stand on controversial issues : in fact, it obliges me to do so because others cannot.

George Soros is now in his 80's but has continued to take an active personal interest in the open society foundations where his been travelling over the world to support it's work for positive policy changes with the world leaders both publicly and privately.