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    Value trading

    Hi there!

    Don't miss today's webinar: Value trading

    To follow market, we should know - where actually the market is now?
    Some would say - we should follow price and that's it. But some prices are accepted, some are rejected - what movement is good to follow?

    To filter your trades and select good ones you have not just to know where the price is, but also - where the value is. In other words - where will be that area, that market will tend to revisit and stay within for a while? Or maybe, it is not established yet?

    The easy and conventional way to calculate "value" is to build moving averages on your chart. But it will be misleading in most cases, because it is based on wrong concept that all prices are equally important for the market. In fact, they are not - some prices are more important than other - we see it all the time.

    Things are a bit more complicated than building an indicator and following it.

    In this webinar we will talk about advanced concepts of price versus value and how to use them for your benefit

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