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    Trading in the forex market is one of the smartest way to make money. Making money in the forex market is one of the most challengning way of making money. Not an easy thing to do but with hard work and patience we can make good money with the forex market.

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    thought without experience they can make it profitable but it is not to easy for them.People must learn about Forex colect the knowledge from various sections and make in practing area then mistake will came automatically and finally we can find out what would good for us in Forex.

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    Yes I wont will try work on it, these seems to be some exiting times, but how do I know how to stand with my local time, I mean there is a wake up call right, cause there are some really tought trading times when am always standing in a certain position we all know of there is a good source that will work for me

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    These type of webinars are very helpful for traders but unfortunately now no one webinar is shared in this forum. If you are again start these type of webinars then many new traders are learn well in this business. Its also a good thing that you are shared that webinar link to watch it offline or after the webinar. many traders have no time to see them live but we can see them after you upload them on this forum.

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    Webinars are very helpful for traders and that's the reason we need to participate on every available webinar that roboforex provide us because this is going to help us a lot as it will make us understand some important things about the market, forex is risky so therefore we need to learn from various sources to understand how this business really work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by COMANG View Post
    continue to learn to understand how the market analysis is very important in our trade because without understanding how to analyze the market it will be able to make this trade will be the part that will be hard for us to do and that's since the beginning we have much to learn to develop for the analysis of trade and if we can do analysis well then we will get better at handling market
    great said i know in any webinar there is always great knowledge of trading all study about trading from beginning much learn and develop many strategies towards get success if you have better anaylsis you dnt need to be afraid in trading

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    value trading is an investment strategy where stocks are selected that trade for less then their intrinsic value .value investor actively stocks they believe the market has undervalued. investor who use this strategy believe the market overreacted to good and bad news resulting in stock price movement that not correspond to company long term fundamental.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quid View Post
    I have just one question,how could they call themselves experts without showing us their statement,i am very glad to see that in the webinars.
    What you have just said friend is just like you read my mind.Many traders are out there and they claim that they are doing fine in their trading activities,but they always fail to show some proof of success rate on their live account.But i have at one time or the other seen the account statement of few traders and indeed it is part of what drives me to stick to this business and believe that money can be made from it.

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