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    Quote Originally Posted by fxaddictor View Post
    I would really like to know more about value trading and If there is repeat of the webinar again I would like to know and I missed the last webinar and so far facing difficulties to figure out what levels are rejected and what are accepted by market and any update would be highly appreciated.

    The most I know is in this trade we will find the volume that the market will be able to see the market is volatile or sidway it will depend on the data we also understand that the news will be released and what market conditions would indeed exist in this trade that with so the most we learn is how trends and how to market conditions with news that it will be released and can be seen from the economic calendar also

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    Before start a trade you need to check price movement.How the market react after news.I want to join all webniar session.because it will give me chance to do profit if i attend all the session.By joining all webniar session may be i can find out my past mistake in news time and develop my trading style.I think all webniar are expert trader.

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    In other website,i know about webniar session.So many trader join there session to understand what trade need to open so that they can reduce their loosing chance.Their trading concept is advanced than us.So, by joining those session we can learn so many things which is unknown to us.

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    I hope in the next webinar to help me to
    understand the different meanings of some of the events whichrelease during the month and how to translate it to the forex language
    some times there is meetings and conferences in related to a certain currency . how do i know about that meetings ?
    and how to make a good use of the high priority events

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    i have read about value trading from this forum but could not i want to know about it far as a read it is more helpful for making any profit from forex.i have confusion about price and value of the market.which one is value and which one is price.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rahan1 View Post
    as i am beginner when i have missed your webinar all about rule trading. we still find it ticks for me. thus how will certainly when i get your current details connected with program code trading. for you to trade properly inside forex, i Should understand your own trading system properly. otherwise lack regarding knowledge may lead me an loss.
    of course in this trade is we have to try hard to get this trade would be better to develop this trade will be so successful that we as traders should strive to get this trade would be better to get a trade with a lot of learning on the development of trade strategy so that the development of trading strategy then you will be able to make better in handling this trade will be profitable

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    Quote Originally Posted by kamarul View Post
    Sir In the same way now i am new AND ALSO not effectively known about every one of the funtion clearfully thus my partner and i In the event that fellow your own opinion pertaining to achive OUR goal with Forex.People can then thought devoid of experience they can establish This profitable but It is not for you to effortless pertaining to them.People must learn all about Forex colect your own knowledge from different sections AND make throughout practing place subsequently mistake will certainly came automatically AS WELL AS finally my spouse and i will probably obtain out what would good for people in Forex.
    You will improve your trading well when you learn well from the situation,read the current trend,don't ignore the trend,and be calm and patient to wait the entry point in trading,it will certainly bring you success in this business,we need to trade like that if we want to have accuracy.
    Finally successful traders

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    i am just also consent in people In the same way there may be not any strategy It incase supply people 100% surity, In the same way each indicator IN ADDITION TO strategy offers all of us ones program code Around the past data, does not tell you the latest situation, i think whether we want to get 100% surity subsequently we must realize fundamental analysis.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Value trader View Post
    You can attend the next webinar and register here
    dear sorry to say i have no so much interest to webinar. i would tell you that if i want to make profit then i need to combine a lot of subject and make a conclusion. but i agree with you in the forex trading need technical knowledge which save from unnecessary decision and loss.

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    Sir As i am new IN ADDITION TO not nicely known information on all the funtion clearfully therefore when i In case fellow the opinion for achive MY OWN goal inside Forex.People may then thought devoid of experience they can cause That profitable but That is not to easy intended for them.People must learn information on Forex colect your own knowledge from a variety of sections ALONG WITH make with practing area subsequently mistake may came automatically ALONG WITH finally i may acquire out what would good for you with Forex.

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