Learn how to become a profitable market speculator is not so hard. Logic, rules and strategy - it's certainly not complicated science. Challenge comes when you actually try to execute consistently profitable strategy.

The main reason for this challenge lies in the fact that we are all human beings with our inherent human emotions. From birth, we try to avoid things that scare us, and look forward to the things that allow us to feel comfortable. If you follow this natural course of action in the trade, then you will be in big trouble.

Logically, the profitable trader buys when the price dropped, and only after the majority of market participants have already sold (red candles), at the level of price support (demand). Buy when everyone just sold - is not so comfortable action. When opening a short position you should find a situation where most participants have already bought - after a big rally in the market, but it challenges your emotional nature.
Here we look at three easy steps for reducing the emotional obstacles to consistently profitable trading.

Change the color of candles

Most traders use the red and green candles, making the price chart is quite attractive to look at, but it may not always be the best option for trading. If you sell after the price rally and on an objective level of resistance (supply), which is a high-probability trading opportunities, then you are probably ready to sell immediately after a series of large green candle. However, to sell after a series of green candles may be not as comfortable, because it creates a strong illusion that the price is going to continue to move on up.

There was conducted an experiment with the students, showing them a strong rally to a predetermined level of resistance, which suggests the possibility of trading with low risk and a high probability.

The color of the candles was changed on the black, allowing them to remove some of the emotional tone during selling at the resistance level. In the setting of the green and red candles, the sale after a series of green candles has caused fear among new traders.

Change the color of candles - it's not so absurd idea, if you are just starting to trade and too concentrate on the color of the candles. You should always remember: the color is not so much important as their location.