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    Only Murry

    Account information:
    Type of CopyFX account:-Trader
    Name of CopyFX Trader:-Shaheen
    Account number :- 5259047
    Read only password :- roboforum
    Account type:- CopyFx MT4 Pro-Cent
    Account currency :- USD

    Strategy parameters:
    Murry math line .
    System: trend | breakout |
    Difficulty: medium
    Timeframe : M15 . M30 . H1 . H4
    Trading pairs: - All

    Strategy Description:-

    We Use Murry math line

    Murry math line consists of 8 main lines (0 8 to 8 8). These lines are based on a mathematical method that is taken into account by the resistance and strong support of the previous candles. The number of Candle on which the Murry math line is based math its lines are 64.. It can be modified from the properties of the cursor but it is preferable to work on the basic settings. Murry math line help to enter from strong areas buy or sell .

    8/8 represents a very strong resistance point that is difficult to penetrate and often has a rebound of 8/7 and represents a reflection point but weak and often easily penetrated.
    8/6 represents a strong but less powerful reflection point than 8/8.
    8/5 is the natural upper limit of trade, where the price is high if it is above it.
    8/4 represents the pivot point and is not easily compromised.
    8/3 is the natural minimum for trading where the price is considered low in the event of its own.
    8.2 Represents a strong but less powerful reflection point of 8/0 8/1 and represents a reflection point but is weak and often easily compromised.
    8/0 is a very strong support point that is difficult to penetrate and often has a rebound.


    Entry Rules :-

    Long Position and Short Position Rules:-

    If the price of the 8/8 line is rebound, the transaction is for a line 8/6.
    If the price of the 8/0 line is rebound, the purchase process is for 8.2..
    If the price of a pair is above the level of 8/5 for a period of time then it decreases below the level of 8/5 this is the beginning of the downward trend and will often reach 8/4 immediately thereafter and the 8/5 level is strong resistance in this case where the level of 8/5 is broken upwards it is a sign of the bullish trend again Breaking the 8/5 up after the landing of them would be a strong buying sign..
    In the event that the pair price fails to penetrate 8/5 after landing, it means that the pair price will fall to the 8/3 level and this is a strong selling sign.
    If it happens and the 8/3 line is broken, then the trend will become bearish and the 8/3 level will be very strong resistance.

    [mod="ContestFX"]Strategy confirmed[/mod]
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