U.S Dollar - What would happen next ?
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Thread: U.S Dollar - What would happen next ?

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    Question U.S Dollar - What would happen next ?

    I guess a lot of traders, and I too, have been surprised by not only better-than-expected U.S data but also U.S. dollar ... bearishness. On 12-06, non-farm payroll again posted high its high reading above 200K and unemployment rate decreased to 7.0%. USD surged in few minutes after data released; however, then it suddenly fell against most major currencies, especially Euro (rallied to near 1.3700) and Swiss franc (plummeted to near 0.8900).

    Actually, I don't understand why market is acting strangely and what investors are expecting. Is that good news not enough for investors to think that FED would start tapering in the next meeting or this is not about taper?

    Could any professional trader here explain it?

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    For when America is experiencing a rapid decline in the unemployment rate, whereas a few weeks before going on its massive debt crisis by causing all civil servants should be laid off temporarily. I think the U.S. dollar is expected to strengthen while because there was improvement in the economy if the economic recovery does not increase the amount of debt the country.

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    @martyn, U.S. economy is improving clearly as we can see that a lot of economic indicators beat expectations but the fact that greenback has been falling against other currencies except Yen and Gold.

    According to my investigation, EURUSD still has potential to rise to 1.4000 and GBPUSD may be even up to 1.6600. It seems better-than-expected U.S. data are not enough to convince most investors to think there is still chance for the FED to start tapering this month.

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    Though the condition of US dollar is not so good and it is improving very slowly but the fluctuations in the market what I feel is more virtual than the real and because of this the small trader like us gets ruined and major players like Banks and financial institutes makes a large amount of money but if we see the similar condition in past US dollar will improve to a new level.

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    I thought i was the only one who noticed it. The news release on friday was very good for the dollar but the market price just reacted the exact opposite of what the news said and it affected trading results. So i also want to know why such reaction occured and why the dollar seems not easy to predict.

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    That's the currency market for you it's very dynamic and unpredictable no one can say for sure what the future price would be in the future,all we can try to do is to gather facts and study the price chart and try to come up with a forecast, and it's also important that we keep a close watch on fundamental in other to avoid unforeseen circumstances and also don't forget to apply stop loss on your entries.

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    Forex market is run on the news and result of major countries economy.
    Which result everyday different level of fluctuations, so some time USD may fall against other currency some day it may rise heavily.
    So trade as per your comfort zone and do not worry about short term changes try to get benefit by entering or creating positions during this market fluctuation.

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    US dollar continuously gown down because now America has many problems in the economics and no string values, budget, so therefore now US dollar has black future in the forex trading.. and now you can see all major pairs has been gone up more than 3000 pips...

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    Oh nice question sir for that let me check my graph then I can tell you about it I can see in the chart that market is going up for now I think there is a strong resistance points above side 0.9686 area from there market can take a reversal or if it will break that point then market can go up

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    In my personal opinion i think the inflation is increased day by day and every one wonder due to inflation and i think the forex trading is only part time business that beat the inflation because it is high rewarded and if you manage the risk well then you will make the good profit in the forex trading ?

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