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    SA Crossover

    Account details
    Type of CopyFX account = Trader
    Name of CopyFX Trader = altafch
    Account number = 5255912
    Read only password = abc1123
    Account type = CopyFx MT4 Pro-Cent
    Account currency = USD
    Leverage = 1 : 1000

    Strategy parameters
    1. System = Stochastic and moving average crossove
    2. Difficulty = medium.
    3. Timeframe = 15m, 30, 1h, 4h
    4. Trading pairs = gbpusd, eurusd, gbpjpy
    5. Tools and indicators = stochastic, moving average, candlestick pattern
    6. Type of analysis = Technical.
    7. Chart type = Candlestick chart.
    8. Risk and reward ratio = 1:1
    9. Type of entry = Manual entry
    10. Type of exit = Manual exit
    Strategy Details:
    my trading strategy is simple and really easy consist of 2 indicators: stochastic and moving average.
    it consist of corssover signal whenever market is under the moving average line and stochastic also cross from upper to down then its time to enter for sell signal. if market is upper side of moving average line and stochastic also cross each other from down to up.

    in chart i have mentioned some points where i should enter for sell order but some points i have not mentioned there is stochastic crossoever but market is not in downside of mooving average so i will not enter here. you can check some red mentioned points below:
    in candlestick i will use doji and some other which i found
    other one way i will try daily max and lower point i will try here lines for taking as support and resistant
    this is the simplest way which i will do in trading.
    i will trade slowly in start and after some orders in profit will increase lot size

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    2. Strategy confirmed
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    PRICE 1.14409
    LOT 10.0+0.1
    for placing order there are two reasons:
    in this stochastic is very near to cross from down to up, but one thing is bad that moving average is upside from the candles. but remember i have mentioned some ways:
    3-candlesticks pattern
    4-daily high and low
    in this i have all reasons to buy just MA is missing so have some risk here but still i have opened an order and will close manually after watching market properly, in candles type this candle will be same as up of last candle and next will be also up almost same length

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    PRICE 1.3201
    LOT 10.0+0.1
    stochastic is also near to cross from up to down and MA is also near to market so there is chance to go down market now, i hope this order will run atleast for 20-30 pips if i gain today i will close manually otherwise i will close tommarow

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    PRICE 1.31953
    LOT 12.0
    this time i just took risk because of moving average. currently market is closed under the moving average
    but this is not a pure signal because other indicator is providing signal. both are delayed with some time but i take risk because i want to win contest so i will close this order in less profit. from history we can check market mostly move at same side whenever it cross the moving average and close a candle

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    my last order was in loss from yesterday now its little bit down but i am happy my account is in profit in total. i have added one more order for fast recovery and more earning because it seems that i got a good signal.
    stochtastic crossed and one thing i observed that whenver stochastic lines have more width it means have strong signal so now they have. in simple market shape also market is looking down side.but i just added a lot because of technical more confirmation and strong signal

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    this week was good and i earned 80$ profit almost, so i am sharing you to all my transections:

    now i will add some more lot to earn more for winning the competition
    there is no subsciption currently
    and my most profitable deal was this

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    today market opened with a gap with down it means gbp was under some pressure but not its looking for up some movement. it touched the moving average so there were two options in my mind, sell because it was resistant but i placed buy order because of gap it must should fill the gap first for next movement

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    i was confused in analysis so i closed order in small profit but then i realized profit not matter analysis and confirmation is other level of trading, so i again put entry with buy and got some good profit
    now both order are closed got 64$ almost so it means almost 20 pips . it was good so now waiting because stochastic is upper and will enter again for sell when it tried to crossover

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    as i already closed two orders now i thought to make some more pips. currently market of gbpusd is going down from chart:
    stochastic is just cross from up to down so this movement is not for long term actually. its just a market reversal type market can go 20 pips max. so i will take 5-10 pips and will exit for today or can more if i got some confirm pips

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    Gbpusd is strongly up its going up and up so from current market its upper side of moving average its an chance to buy and stochastic also up. in top of stochastic seems they will cross but check their gap, gap is more so they will not cross and move more up so market is up at least 20 pips and i will close it manually

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