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    Trend lines S+R

    Account details
    Type of CopyFX account = Trader
    Name of CopyFX Trader = touqir
    Account number = 5256531
    Read only password = abcdef123
    Account type = CopyFx MT4 Pro-Cent
    Account currency = USD
    Leverage = 1 : 1000

    Strategy parameters
    1. System = Trend, Daily high and Low(Support and Resistant)
    2. Difficulty = medium.
    3. Timeframe = 15m, 30, 1H, 4H
    4. Trading pairs = EURUSD , GBPUSD, USDJPY, EURJPY, GBPJPY
    5. Tools and indicators = trend line
    6. Type of analysis = Technical.
    7. Chart type = Candlestick chart.
    8. Risk and reward ratio = 1:1
    9. Type of entry = Manual
    10. Type of exit = Manual exit+ Can TP

    Strategy Wroking:
    My strategy is simply based on trend and daily high and low points. i work on these points and using as support and resistant points
    i will always place a order whenever market will touch the lines. like in chart whenever it touches from down to up line will work as resistant and i just put sell there. so from many points got profit . one more thing in case market cross these lines for little long i will exit that order.
    like in above picture here market touches the support line but crossed so after 10-15 pips of checking i will just exit in some loss. i will use these trend lines on multiple time frame and update with every new order
    [mod="ContestFX"]Strategy confirmed[/mod]
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    Finally i got my balance So lets start some trader i am already late so choosing high risk that's why
    RoboForex - MetaTrader 4.jpg
    GBPUSD buy 1.31661
    market crossed the support line but still one bigger candle is down so this candle should cross the support line for more up. today with fundamental gbp should strong so put buy with 20.0 lot size

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