Strategy parameters
. System = Stochastic crossover and parabolic SAR
. Difficulty = medium,simple
. Timeframe = 1h, 4h, D1
. Trading pairs = gbpusd, eurusd, usbjpy
. Tools and indicators = stochastic, parabolic SAR,Trendline
. Type of analysis = Technical indicator
. Risk and reward ratio = 1:3
. Type of entry = According to chart analysis
. Type of exit = Manual exit or according to risk of trade

Slow stochastics are an osillator like the RSI that cand help you locate the overbught and oversold areas , likely making a reversal in price . the unique aspect shown on chart preferably our entry and stop loss according to the line above price and support with SAR .
because the oscillator has the same overbought and oversold readings , you simply look for the cross above the 20% level to identify the solid buy signal in the direction of the trend .