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    Rola Trade

    Account number 5256318
    Read only password Rola54321
    Account type copyFx MT4 Pro-Cent
    Account currency USD
    Leverage 1 : 1000
    Type of CopyFX account Trader
    Name of CopyFX Trader Rola

    Informer copyfx

    Strategy parameters:
    Pivot points and target price.
    System: trend | breakout |
    Difficulty: medium
    Timeframe (TF):M5 | M15 | M30 | H1 | H4 | D1 |
    Trading pairs: Mainly EURUSD, sometimes EURGBP, GBPUSD, EURJPY

    Strategy Description:
    Price action + pivot points + support resistance
    Sell orders are placed below the pivot point with target price or from the resistance levels.
    Below pivot.jpg
    Buy orders are placed above the pivot point with target price or from the resistance levels
    Above pivot.jpg
    Lot size 0.1 and 1
    Stops losses are below above the pivot points or there can be locking of position with opposite order.
    Money management: maximum 15 percent of account drawdown.
    Trading methods :
    Grids, scalping, intraday.
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    I suppose that EURUSD will close the week at the level 1,146 or higher. So I placed a few pending orders with 0,1 lot and take profit 10 pips. There are no stop losses because orders are little and the system is Martingale. Current profit is about 5 percent per week. Profit is not large for contest account but in normal trading it should be good.

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    Current profit is 16 percent (16.43 USD), balance is 121 USD. Mainly small lots like 0.1 lot have been used during the week and a few with 10 lots. About 10 dollars were earned during the week. If the EUR will rise during next week, so all loosing orders should become profitable. Current system still rest the same Martingale. The maximum drawdown was 18 percent on Thursday or Friday. Next week I will have to increase lot size as there traders with better results.
    Current loosing orders that are not closed:

    Orders 27.jpg

    Main profitable orders per week:

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