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    Account number: 5256291
    Investor password: abiodun
    Account type: CopyFx MT4 Pro-Cent
    Account currency: USD
    Leverage: 1 : 1000
    Starting capital: $100
    Type of CopyFX account: Trader
    Name of CopyFX Trader: ajagbeolegba

    System: Breakout
    Difficulty: Easy
    Timeframe (TF): 15M, 1H, 4H, 1D and 1W
    Trading pairs: All
    Risk management: 1:3 or more
    Mode: Manual

    STRATEGY DESCRIPTION: 200SMA is a simple moving average breakout strategy, it has a single line that acts as both support and resistance levels depending on the position of the market price. If the market price is above the 200SMA, then the 200SMA will act as a support level. The 200SMA will act as a resistance level when the market price is below it.

    Buy entry:
    I will buy if the market price breaks the 200SMA (Blue line) up, just like it has shown on the market chart below.

    wti buy.jpg

    Sell entry:
    I will sell if the market price breaks the 200SMA (Blue line) down, just like it has shown on the market chart below.

    wti sell.jpg
    [mod="ContestFX"]Strategy confirmed[/mod]
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    I have made a total number of three trades on my account. I have traded EURJPY, GBPAUD and EURAUD. The EURJPY and GBPAUD trade had been concluded as shown on the image below.


    While the trade of EURAUD is still active, and it has recovered by losses for me despite the fact that i had not closed the trade yet. See its status below as well.


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    In pursuant to my last update, i have finally closed my EURAUD trade, i closed it in profits of 6198.88 US dollar cents. I think that this first week of trading is good enough, i started the trading on Wednesday due to the lateness of crediting the trading capital. I hope that next week trading will be a good for me as well.

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    On the weekly chart above, the 200SMA is supporting the price of CHFJPY steadily, the market tried to break this point more than three times on daily chart last week, but it was not successful. I have regard this point as a very good point to repel the market from falling further. I have taken a BUY trade on this pair, and i will make it a long term trading.

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