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    MTF Fractal

    MTF Fractal
    Type of CopyFX account Trader
    Name of CopyFX Trader Nawar
    Account number 5256171
    Read only password hope500
    Account type CopyFx MT4 Pro-Cent

    Strategy Parameter:
    1. Fractal
    2. target
    3. WPRslow
    4. Difficulty: Madium
    5. Time Frame: 1H and 4H
    6. Trading pairs: All
    7. Entry Manual

    Strategy Description:

    In this system I use the Fractal, Target and WPRslow indicators


    Buy Rules:

    WPRslow color blue
    fractal color blue
    Blue fractal are make on target below two lines.
    open a buy trade and our target is according to target line enter point. If we enter 2nd target line then our profit is also 2nd target lines from above side. see below on the chart.

    Sell Rules:

    WPRslow color red
    Fractal color red
    Red fractal are make on first two target lines from above. Open a buy trade if these are requirment are fulfill and in this chart fractal are make on first target line from above side and our target is 1st target line from below as show in this below chart.


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    2. Strategy confirmed
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    pink to target line is give a good sell signals with target 1220.

    putih contest.jpg

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    sell XAUUSD lot 20 at 1240.07 TP 1237.61
    sell XAUUSD lot 12 1246.27 tp 1237.74
    sell XAUUSD0 lot 10 AT 1246.19 TP 1237.74

    putih sell gold.jpg

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