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    Order closed:
    i have closed my order on my biggest closed deal almost 99$. i am happy i have good equity. on real account i am moving slowly but after contest account i am thinking to move fast. but if i won i will use same strategy. by the way now stochastic is on its higher level and its lines are also coming near to each other so whenever they cross i will enter again and will update journal
    current closed order is this:

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    today there were risk in market because of some fundamentals so i thought to avoid trade. but market is already make some movement and currently market corssed the moing average and started down trend. i am late to place order but still have hope it will go more down.
    ORDER GPBUSD sell @ 1.31142
    market crossed moving average so its down trend but currently market will little bit up but again will go down. from stochastic seems it will cross but my experience says it will not cross. because before mixing both there gap increased so hope it will go down

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    first of all i have increased lot size because people are earning quickly and i want to win this. from chart we can see stochastic crossed from up to down so why i put buy? stochastic is in mid not on higher or lower so its just a trick of market i have bought on big down candle to get some buy pips.

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    as i closed on real account here also i am closing my position. total 50. lot order was so i close it in profit.
    still i am very low in balance other some are high so waiting for some down will take risk on buy again. will update whenever i placed next order

    - - - Updated - - -

    as i said already after some down movement i will again come with new order. so again entering with this order
    GBPNZD BUY lot 5.0+45.0
    from chart we can see market is near to moving average and this time have chance to break and the main thing is stochastic and its near to cross again but in mid so target should be up. lets see

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