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    The Cloud

    account number :- 5255630

    Strategy Parameters:-

    System: Trend
    Difficulty: Medium
    Timeframe (TF):- H1 and H4
    Trading pairs:- All

    Strategy Description:-

    I use three Indicator

    1- Ichimoko kinko hyo (Default Setting)
    2- RSI 14 (LEVEL 45 – 50 – 55 )
    3- CCI 14 (Level 100 and - 100)

    Entry Rules :-

    Long Position :-

    1- price above The cloud
    2- Tenkan-sen and Kijun-sen above the cloud
    3- tankan-sen above Kijun-sen
    4- complete candle closed above Tenkan-sen
    5- RSI Above 55 Level
    6-CCI Above level -100

    2-Short Position:-

    1- price Below The cloud
    2- Tenkan-sen and Kijun-sen Below the cloud
    3- tankan-sen Below Kijun-sen
    4- complete candle closed Below Tenkan-sen
    5- RSI Below 55 Level
    6- CCI 14 Below level 100

    How to set goals and stop loss

    1. Determination of Stop Loss

    We put the stop loss order under the entry candle at 25 to 30 Points.

    2. target:-

    We divide the targets into 2 target.

    1-The first Target is equal to stop loss

    2-Second Target is double Stop Loss.

    For example if the Stop loss order is 25 points and the size of the candle is 10 points for example the first goal is 35 points and the second goal is 70 points.

    Lot size:- It's going to be our start at 0.05 lot for Major Piar(EUR/USD - GBP/USD - USD/JPY - USD-CHF - USD/CAD - AUD/USD - NZD/USD).
    and 0.03 lot for cross pairs with big spread . And by realizing the profits, we'll increase the lot size.

    Money management will be moderate and will vary depending on the currency pair we are trading On.

    Where we will reduce risk with fast-moving, high-spread currency pairs such as GBP/AUD-GBP/NZD-GBP/JPY-EUR/AUD-EUR/NZD
    [mod="ContestFX"]Strategy confirmed[/mod]
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    A participant may be denied admission to the account without explanation. In this case, the participant can participate using their own funds.

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