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    There is more importance for working on the candlestick patterns as compared to any other methods which is due to the its ability for simply detect the trend of market and tackle it entirely so this is good strategy to trade work in the perfect mode and with the power of knowledge and our experience will make our success very obvious from it .

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    It is much more easier for me to do analysis by simply using candle stick. For bullish trend a series of highser and lower candles are form the market begins to form candles that re higher than the previous one and moving down to form a low candle that is higher than the previous low candle while for bearish trend the candles form a high that is lower than the previous high candle and move down to form a low candle that is lower than the previous low candle. So its much easier for me to analyse the market trend this way by simply using candles

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    Candlestick strategy is one of the common trading strategy, every one has got to learn and know how it works, it is simple and having the knowledge doesn't prevent the trader from making use of other additional means of trading, the most important thing is for the trader to know how to make good decisions and trade effectively.

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    Candlestick patterns are one of the simplest ways to read price movements, and analyze them. Because reading candlesticks means that we are reading the market itself, so we will not be confused with indicators that sometimes occur so much that it makes us have to suffer losses.

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    In a nutshell, I do make use of the candlestick strategy and it is by far one of the best ways of handling the market. From what I have learned, I have been able to have developed a good simple candlestick pattern in trading and then I have been able to have seen that to become successful, you should be able to use the higher time frame because that is where it works best.

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    You cannot trade with only candlestick because that would make you experience losses far more than you thought, candlestick should be applied with confirmation so that we will be able to effectively filter the trades that may result in losses for us, trading candlestick should take place after the forex trader has done enough practice, as we can already understand, candlestick have times when they fail.

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    Sir, if i understood you very well here, i think that what you are referring to here as kangaroo candlestick formation is what is generally known to us traders as the pin bar which always come with the shape of a hammer. I had gone through the charts that you have here and what i see in most of them is the pin bar. Like you have rightly observed , the kangaroo candles is a very good and reliable one to trade with especially if we have the patient to allow it form at a confluence area of the market where we have more than one reason to take on a trade.

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    candlestick strategy will make trading more effective and more profitable because the candlesticks are good and strong for reading the chart and so the trader will be able to take more accurate decisions that will lead to making of successful trading that will lead to making of good money, the trader needs to know all candlesticks patterns to trade better.

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    Candlestick strategy is one the good and profitable strategy for trading but only for those trader who has good knowledge and trading skills.In Forex every trader has freedom to choose any strategy for trading therefore trader should spend his good time for learning because without learning no strategy would be good and profitable.Many trader prefer to use the candlestick strategy because by using the candlestick strategy trader can easily analyze the trend.

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    candlestick strategy will make trading more effective and more profitable because the candlesticks are good and strong for reading the chart.candlestick is best and profitable strategy for those traders who have good knowledge and trading skills.Traders should more practice in demo account.Demo account helpful for traders.many traders choose candlestick strategy by using this strategy traders can easily analyze the trend.

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