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    Logic Meow-nitoring

    Account details
    Type of CopyFX account = Trader
    Name of CopyFX Trader = Aisz
    Account number = 5255773
    Read only password = peacemaker
    Account type = CopyFx MT4 Pro-Cent
    Account currency = USD
    Leverage = 1 : 1000

    Strategy parameters
    1. System = trend and breakout.
    2. Difficulty = medium.
    3. Timeframe = H1, H4, Daily, and Weekly.
    4. Trading pairs = GBP/USD and EUR/USD.
    5. Tools and indicators = Fibonacci retracement, horizontal and trendline. No indicators.
    6. Type of analysis = Technical.
    7. Chart type = Candlestick and line chart.
    8. Risk and reward ratio = 1:2
    9. Type of entry = Manual execution, no pending order.
    10. Type of exit = Stop loss or direct cut loss.

    Strategy descriptions
    1. Opening orders Buy or Sell =
    1.1 Place buy order, when price reaches 38.2, 50.0, or for the best entry and limit when it is moving near 61.8 with Fibonacci retracement when market is currently moving down, heading to those levels. Another supportive methods are coming from horizontal lines where I will mark some levels I believe as market support and resistance to strengthen my analysis. Same rules applies with trend line.

    GBP/USD on H1 timeframe

    1.2 Place sell order, when price reaches 38.2, 50.0, or for the best entry and limit when it is moving near 61.8 with Fibonacci retracement when market is currently moving up, heading to those levels. The rest rules are similar to previous one above.

    EUR/USD on H1 timeframe

    2. Lot size = 0.01 minimum, 0.4 maximum.
    3. The levels of Stop Loss, Take Profit = Following to risk and reward ratio, 1:2 where I want to make 100 pips of reward then I will accept the risk with 50 pips to lose.
    4. Money Management, Risk management = Applied, everything managed accordingly to my risk and reward ratio.
    5. Further explanation about the rules will be shared after this strategy is allowed to participate the contest and the account is funded, hopefully.

    Any questions will be answered regarding to this strategy after I start my project with this account and trade with it for the contest. If there are any errors with my grammatical, lineup, drawing, or anything found in this thread I am really sorry and please notice me about that so I can fix things as soon as I can.

    Thank you very much and happy trading.
    [mod="ContestFX"]Strategy confirmed[/mod]
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    In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

    Thank you to be allowed to participate in the contest of New Year from RoboForex forum. Glad to notice its announcement soon so I can participate earlier than I used to in the previous contests. Let us cut the chatter and bring the trades on the table.

    Today I was already paying attention to EUR/USD and GBP/USD right before my application accepted. For this update I want to start my first trading with EUR/USD and the details you can see below.

    Transactions details

    Instrument(s) = EUR/USD
    Lot size = 1 per trade
    Total opened trade(s) = 5
    Type of order = Buy
    Take profit = 1.15542
    Stop loss = 1.14350
    Risk and reward = applies 1:2
    Trade modifications = possible, depends on the strategy and market

    Strategy details

    I opened 4 buy trades with 1 lot size each because:

    1. Daily chart still not showing any breakout from trendline yet with the price and there is still opportunity for me to go for buy.

    2. H4 chart also not showing any breakout from horizontal line yet and the price still above it. Price still inside the downtrend channel though but I will stay cautious with this trading.

    3. H1 chart shows that market is currently on the lower trendline and is ready to go up if it is successfully bounce from the trendline.

    Trading notes

    1. More positions shall be added soon after several consideration and further analysis.
    2. TP and SL may be changed at any times if market is moving according to my analysis or against it.

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